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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was smokey, hazy, and missing. I rushed to the beach to take  an amazing picture and the sky was too thick to see the colors that should have been there. Instead the sky was mellow and looked more like a lighting panel. Still, somewhere high above the sun set in the western sky, and the moment was priceless.

Ever get reminded of how important a small gesture can be? I was scrolling through the TV trying to slow down late at night and came across the movie "Sneakers". I had watched is many times before and it is a good movie. Towards the end of the movie the team is given an opportunity to have just about anything they want. (I won't bore you with the explanation of why, but watch the movie.) At one point one of the last members is asked what they want and all they ask for is the phone number of a young agent. Nothing descriptive, just a chance, a way to connect.  Of course there is resistance, but the woman then realizes that the man could have anything in the world, and all he wants is a phone number to her, and so, seeing it in true eyes, she gives it to him.

To me this is one of the most romantic gestures that can be. No passionate kiss, no humpity bumpity, but instead a chance. We all can look for a chance and in that chance open the doorway to an amazing world of wonder that is far more than a chance encounter. With a chance we can change the world. With a chance we can find the passion that is limitless, or perhaps not, but it is a chance, and working towards a chance is an exciting ride. Take a chance if you can, but enjoy your day every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, a phone number? Nowadays it would be "let me text ya". Maybe you would get a number, but if you gave up the chance of anything for a chance at romance, I think that is pretty awesome. Enjoy your night and watch Sneakers!

Sleep sweet, love life, and love some more...


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The sun sets on another day...

Sunset was crisp and hazy, a series of contradictions within itself. Sunset made me laugh, smile, and it was at least, sunset.

I don't use the word splendid very often, mostly because it is a word that has seemed to have lost its luster. Splendid is defined as magnificent, awesome, stupendous etc etc, and it never seemed to have that much luster in the words I have read over the years. Today I thought about that word as I passed through the day and a series of good events that made me smile. Now, I wish every day was splendid, but every day is at least great. Splendid seems to want to pack more of a punch, but it doesn't as much because it is not used.

Let's change that. On this splendid day I took a splendid walk and had a splendid time with splendid animals and people. I was saddened by the closing of the ice cream shop but had splendid ice cream there and enjoyed the splendid show Cobra Kai for a few. In the end I wrote and enjoyed the splendid air washing across the day, cooling all things in sight.

Well, it kinda works. I do have a point. I just want to say to everyone, have a splendid day.

So as the sun sets on another day, I wrote a much longer passage that turned into a rant and went a little wild, so I stopped, and I think it is easier sometimes to focus, use the right words, and have a good day. I hope you do, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be splendid...


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The sun sets on another day...

Once again sunset was obscured with clouds, but the day was filled with passion, excitement, and the promise of a positive future.

I enjoy interactions with people. People are at the core of a great deal, including society. The ongoing pandemic has created interesting interactions in public, even at events that are outdoors like the one I attended today. In today's world outdoor attractions are a little more desirable as they keep people at a distance and make them feel a little better about themselves. As I talk to people they engage and return the banter, often opening up about a great deal. Today I met wonderful people with an assortment of desires and beliefs. I met those who supported both main candidates, supported the pandemic actions, disliked them, loved shopping, hatted it, wanted to be there, the wife/husband made me be there, talked positively, looked shamefully around. There were people who wore masks, wore masks wrong, and didn't wear masks. I met people who wanted to laugh, and people who wanted not to laugh.

One woman was giggling because she had not been out of her house since March and I wondered about that series of events. Many walked by, oblivious to the table with 2 authors talking about their books, but as many stopped.

In the end I was full of wonder and enjoyed it all, after all, I am told one of the fun parts of my books is the characters, and I have to admit I am highly invested in my characters, and the imaginary lives they lead. I spoke to one person and she was truly interested, and as we discussed the characters she looked at me and said, "I want the whole set" and was excited for the journey she would soon be on, inside the books I have written, lost in my imagination for a while.

Do you like people? Do you see the differences in people as positives or run from those who do not agree with you? I see both often. Are you the person looking for your ideas to be challenged, or do you believe you can see the only truth? I guess the question is, do you see people as I do, a chance to learn every day or do you hide from them, and from expanding your point of view, or maybe somewhere in between?

I wonder, and I hope you open your mind to more than just what you know, because often what we know becomes invalid when we know more. My opinion.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was an amazing day and I learned a great deal about a lot of people, and in doing so change my views on life, if only a little. I suggest we all be open to seeing past ourselves and being more by the interactions. We grow by learning, we learn by doing, and life is about doing, right? Live you life fully each and every day with passion and the curiosity of a kitten, engage life as though you are new to it all each day, and see the world with fresh eyes, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with passion, and live with excitement...


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Photo by S. Ahmed.

The sun sets on another day...

Space, the final frontier, ooops, wrong start, even though I don't know how far apart we are, hmm, wrong again, perhaps I just need to say, the stars are still there.

I read a book called "All I Really Need To Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek" (Yes, the link will take you to it). There are a lot of insightful part, and some that are fairly silly but in it there is a breakdown of the mission statement of the USS Enterprise. It notes that in a good mission statement everything is spelled out, and people understand their necessary actions just from a few short sentences. I had actually faced this before when I worked for a company (Long term) where the mission was "We do not want satisfied customers, we want delighted customers". It set a precedent for me for many years to not just do a little, but to do more. I digressed (like that doesn't happen all the time). Back to my original point, one of the key elements of the mission was "To boldly go where no one has gone before" (Or no man in the old series). It is there we can learn each day. 

How do we go about our day? Boldly. It is described as "in a confident and courageous way; showing a willingness to take risks". It is not unsafe, but is not safe either. Boldly is being able to push forward when no one else is willing to do so. Boldly is making a difference when no one else is able. How should we walk into a room, unafraid and ready to be there, hence boldly. How should we react to each day, with passion and fire, boldly. How should we love, not just with reserve and some of our heart, but with all we have and all that we will be, boldly.

I know, it is sometimes hard to be bold, but as I look at the stars, and this fantastic picture I can only say, we should be bold, and live life boldly each day. Mostly, when we love, it cannot just be to the moon and back like so many state, but to the stars beyond, boldly and powerfully, and willing to give your all without question or pause.

So as the sun sets on another day, don't just live, live boldly, don't just do, do boldly, not with bravado or ego, but with a passion that leads us all forward. Be that person who shows other people how to live. Be that person who does not dream of more, but lives more each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live boldly...