Simple choices…

The sun sets on another day…

Snow snow snow! Lots of snow falls all around, and well, there is a sunset up there!

I was thinking today about all the things that shape us into who we are each day. A lot of people look at all the biggest points in their lives and think that those things made them and shaped their being. They may be right. I know that some key pivot points and decisions in my life made huge differences. I also know I was shaped by a multitude of smaller choices, simple choices that made resounding differences.

Simple choices can be something as minor as what to wear to an interview, what to eat, what to drink, how you walk, your morning routine, how you sleep, and so many more. It is those sometimes overlooked choices that sometimes have a profound impact on your life.

A good example, I walked to school when I was in high school. (Until I got my car). It was a long walk. About 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles at night. That walk each day made me feel better and in the process I talked to people along the way. It helped shape me into who I am even though it was a minor decision.

What things have you done in the past that seemed minor at the time but you now realize meant something? What things can you do now that seem small but make a difference? Do you think you make good choices? Why or why not?

It is a fun series of thoughts.

So as the sun sets on another day, sometimes those little things add up, and sometimes you just get lost in them and realize they add up, and can make you a better or worse person. Take the time, enjoy the moments, and in the process make every moment count, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love some more…

Don’t whine…

The sun sets on another day…

I have been writing a lot this month. It is a yearly event and I have hit the goal but I try to go much further. As the sun set I noted the rain, and the cold, and more rain outside, but it was ok, because it can’t rain all the time.

I wrote about similar here and in a bunch of other places. This is a recurring topic and I think it resonates well with the world, perhaps more right now.

We make a choice to define ourselves each and every day. It is not on other, nor situations, nor friends, family, the past, the guy who did something bad, the girl who did something bad, the dog who died, the toe that was stubbed or anything else you can consider. We choose to have a day that we define, not a day defined by anyone else.

Consider well how whining defines you too. A whine is a worry of the past, and it does nothing to improve. Take a moment, check yourself, then decide if you are willing to define yourself anew.

So as the sun sets on another spectacular day, forget the whines. They do not help, instead define yourself every moment you can, and make the day yours because you took the time and effort to define it. I believe we all can do this. Make it so, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and live strong…

Shifting Time

The sun sets on another day…

Just plain wow. Lots of cloudy days really make you appreciate the sun! Isn’t it awesome! As the sun set, clouds rolled in again, but it was a fun time!

I wanted to share something else that is a little older. I found several handwritten stories, poems, and starts of books. I never finished a book until 2015 and instead had long tomes of different sizes with beginnings, endings, ands a lot in between. Sometimes I wrote about people, a lot I wrote of passion, and sometimes about events. It is funny, I found a concert program where I had annotated how everyone played, and how each piece was compared to the original composer. I am slowly discarding these and either digitizing them (As I did yesterday) or setting them aside.

I thought I would share the following as I still have this watch and still remember how I felt when I bought it, and the feelings inside in that part of my life.

Shifting Time

(Collated and revised slightly from handwritten notes, Fall 1979 (I think))
I made a change today. I have been working hard and trying to help at home. Things have been incredibly difficult as we have gone through change after change, and in the process, I have had little to call truly mine. For the most part it is me, my camera, and my car and a few trinkets I have saved from years before.

Each day I have walked by a jewelry store where I work, and each day I have been struck by two things. The first is a young lady who is always perfect. Not the kind of perfect you see in magazines but a kind of perfect that you imagine. The second is a Seiko watch that seems to call to me, and my internal wants, not needs.

Perfection in a person is a difficult series of thoughts. Since we have moved here, I have had no real girlfriends, and a few girl friends. I find I make friends easier and am the easy one to talk to, and the rules in this state are much different than Indiana or Michigan. I find myself considering the loneliness I feel daily as a quiet punishment for all I have been through, but overcome that daily, knowing there will be more. The few people in High School I am interested in are coupled up, or far beyond my reach in one way or another. (Note: Can you believe I thought this way once?) The woman at the jewelry store (I left the name out of this store but could tell you if you were interested, it is no longer in existence) is unlike anyone. Hey eyes sparkle when I walk by and she is always in heels, crisp slacks, and a blouse, shirt, or garments that speak to class, if not royalty. When I have interest in someone, this is a template I should use. To top it off she will speak to me and is not the arrogant overlord so many seem to be (Ouch to the world eh) and instead is patient and kind. Her smile is infectious and I often wonder if her life is as awesome as she seems to be.

I am unsure why time means so much to me. Perhaps years from now I will know. (I am not sure I do yet, so there) The watch is one I saw on TV and has so many new features. I started writing two books when I saw it on TV, and later the woman showed it to me. IT was expensive. I didn’t think I could have anything that nice. (Authors Note: at the time much of my paycheck was supporting my family and I worked full time in high school). I started writing a book that no one will read about this watch before I saw it in person, and now it just calls to me.

Well today, I went to this perfect person, and I bought this perfect watch. I had been saving a little at a time and skipping the hotdogs and arcade games so I could do it. No more pizza subs for a while. Instead I have waited and gotten something that will last forever, or at least a long while. The transaction was perfect, and it felt good to have something that was mine. Now it is me, my car, my camera, and time. I hope I can do well, and someday be mindful of this and my time. Maybe I can’t have the perfect girl, but at least now I have the perfect watch and with it, time to find that girl.

(Authors other note: it is funny when I think about this story from a variety of levels. Given I had very little I still remember how important this was to me. before moving to Lexington two things were stolen in a robbery from my house. A tape recorder that my father got me, a nice Magnavox and my coin collection. My stepfather collected the insurance money, and I got another tape recorder that was similar but given I never saw my father this particular item was very important to me and the new one always felt hollow. My coin collection was never replaced and some of the coins were irreplaceable as they were silver commemorative ingots and uncirculated bills. When we moved to Lexington my stepfather was in a hurry and most of my belongings were discarded. As I arrived, I had what I had with me and the clothing they packed for me and very little else. As I read this months ago and looked at the faded writing, I was both elated and sad. I remember the young woman and she is only a few years older than me, but I always considered her spectacular and out of my league. I also still have the watch and the picture that you see is a picture of that watch right now. I even replaced the battery this week. 42 years or so later, it still works. I also have a Seiko Pyramid clock that talks on my desk I bought from her later, and it too was and is a prized possession. Funny how sometimes things call to you and maybe the call was to time, and not the things. 

The watch went on to introduce me to a superstar, or an eventual superstar, when a woman picked the watch up from where I was working and upon confronting her denied she had taken it. I had an overactive sense of justice and took her to court for theft and her boyfriend came to the store and threatened me in person. Her boyfriend was on the local wrestling circuit and later would become famous, both in wrestling and on television and in movies. He is dead now, but I will not sully his name except to say that it was really awesome being threatened by somebody like him and I do still tell the story to people who are close to me. The watch has been great over the years and a reminder that time is still a mystery. And the woman, I hope she found the happiness she deserved because to me she was that person that everyone should strive to be.)

Fun huh? Isn’t it interesting where life takes us, and time becomes more important each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find those things that were important to you, and realize it may have been something else all along. As you do, find a path to excitement and success each day, no matter what. Me, I will keep trying, and enjoying the time I can enjoy.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and don’t let time run out…


The sun sets on another day…

Today was brisk, no, cool, no crisp, well, no it was dern cold, but the sun had a few ins and outs as the day went on and a little color in the eve. IT was a good day!

I am in the process of eliminating a significant amount of “stuff”. Some of the stuff is easy to eliminate, and some is not. The manuals for a TV I bought in 1983 don’t have a lot of use, but the cards from my kids when they were 5 are hard to part with. So it goes as I parse through the past.

One of the things I found was a notebook where my friend Kevin and I goofed off in class. We had a comic strip called Karate Conquers All and I would come up with bad guys and Kevin would creatively eliminate them. It is obvious who the artist was, and it was not me.

Without further adieu, I give you issue 5 of Karate Conquers All!

Page 1
Page 2

IT is this type of crazy fun that helped stabilize a strange world.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the moments in your life, and remember, all of them made you who you are today. Keep living every day and making more. We can always have more fun, live more life, and enjoy our moments, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and haiyaaaaa!!!!!

Sunday Reviews: Dog is Love

Sundays are for book reviews!Dog is Love by Clive D. L Wynne PhD ☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I got this book on a whim because I love most dog books. Everything from Lassie to Herriot’s Dog Stories make me smile, and I find myself reading chapter after chapter and sometimes walking away with new insight.

The one thing most books about dogs have in common is dogs. Beyond that is a love of dogs and I enjoy people who are lost in the moment with their animals. In Dog is Love I was not disappointed with the book as a whole, but maybe a little with the approach.

The book is divided into several sections and I enjoyed the stories that were told, and the approach to telling them. Well, I enjoyed them to a point. In spite of his PhD I disagree with some of the chapters and moreover felt that Wynne did not prove his points effectively in some cases, instead he almost seemed to point out items and say “I have said this and you should believe me”. Still that is minor after reading the entire book (It is an easy read) and seeing the positive light Winne is trying to impress upon the reader.

I suggest reading the book in one sitting. The Chapter “Dogs Deserve Better” is a great read and finished up the book nicely. Take your time, learn what you can, but be open to other options as well. After all, opinion vary.

You deserve…

The sun sets on another day…

Snow is coming, and the days are shorter and shorter. Sunset today was, well, cold, and dark, but there is a promise of more, and that promise is one that will not be broken.

I saw a post on Facebook tonight. An author was talking about selling a million books and giving advice on how everyone should do it. No, I have not sold a million books, so I do not have the same experience. (I did compare resumes and that was interesting) Their remarks were meant to help in some way, but as I read it I thought of all the authors starting out, trying hard, working hard, that have good works, and how they just made them feel.

I would like to apply it all to life if I could for a moment. You deserve something. In my opinion the biggest thing you deserve is not to be beaten down., There are lots of other opinions but in reality we may deserve much, but many get little. There is a quote from a movie that says , “You deserve a lot, and it is likely more than you settle for…”. Tonight that resonated with me not because I deserve more, but because it is a true statement.

For the author who sold a million books, you deserve to sell a million books because you did well, but for those who sell less, you deserve your success because you took the time and effort to create something from nothing. Don’t let people take your wins away from you. Set your goals and find a way to win daily.

For me, I deserve a lot, and I settle often, but I keep pushing and find a way. For any authors, keep writing, and for everyone in general, don’t settle and instead make your world yours, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and I hope you know you are awesome…

What you want…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was filled with clumpy rain. I am betting tomorrow morning we will have a clumpy rain front yard.

I have written about wants and needs before. Actually I wrote about them in a post titled Wants and Needs. I wanted to take a second today and at least think about the wants further. It was funny when I originally read about wants and needs and the ideas are quite diverse. The core items always seem to be food, water and shelter. Some people add clothing to that, but I feel clothing is a subset of shelter. (I suppose we can debate that).

From there people seem to go quite crazy. The ideas push the envelope and translate shelter into safety and a host of secondary items that could easily be considered frivolous. Everything from Health, to financial security, and a thick savings account. This series of ideas has changed a lot, and we have modernized it even further to self actualization and more with very little focus on what we “Need” and more of a focus on what we may or might need, and what we want. The debate could rage on with modern doctors if they ever faced a true survival situation. Somehow I don’t think a bear in the woods hunting you is going to all you to fulfill your need for “Contribution and Creation” (Dr. Kenneth Acha). I also am not sure I agree with many of the definitions of wants versus needs that are defined in all the tomes of opinions out there.

I will pause here and note that facts are indisputable, there can be no exception, science is a process to determine the order of our surroundings and perhaps determine facts (but not as often as people think, and opinions are ideas that may or may not be true. My posts are mostly opinion, a fact would be the speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 mps as we can currently measure, and opinion would be that the light is bright, and the science would be defining “bright” based on a criteria set by a particular group of people, then agreeing on it until the group of people changed.

Wow, that got deep and that last info is probably unnecessary, but at least it sets a records straight.

Anyway, as far as wants and needs I divided these many time in my posts, but our basic human needs are food water and shelter, then we get into a subset of wants that can fill a small country. (Yes, I am going somewhere with this) Our wants, in my opinion, are what define us more than our needs. We can be a person who needs food, but wanting french fries versus asparagus defines us as an individual more than shoving raw grain into our maws. (Maybe we agree, maybe not)

Too much foundation? Maybe.

I am in the process of writing my sixth book in the Masterson files series and I was swirling in the idea of wants and needs as 2 characters wanted a relationship, and a third character was explaining how that relationship was defined. It was there that I saw past the words on my screen for a few moments and considered the complexities of what we want. They can be rather daunting, but maybe the largest want is a desire to exist well.

I realize this almost seems like a complex rant but bear with me a few more sentences. We are who we are because of our wants, our needs rarely defining us, instead our want to be special, our want of love, our want of empathy, our want to do the right thing, our want to give, our want to control, our want of wanting and a list as long as this planet make us unique, and set the foundation of “us”. Perhaps it would have been simpler to say just that. Our needs allow us to exist, our wants make us who we are.

So what makes you who you are? Do you want to make yourself happy? Do you think about someone else? Do you want to be the center of attention or do you want to fade to the background? All of these type of questions are amazing, and give you an ability to be all you can be. With that in mind, consider your wants and maybe find a path to having a good day every day, because what I want is for people to see past themselves, and for me to continue to learn every day, and to find passion in all I do. (I know, there is a lot more, but I am being basic now as I approach 1000 word post when I usually write 300 a day).

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you and I can find out wants together, and realize our needs are finite, but our wants, and ourselves, and potentially infinite. I hope you get all you need, and a lot of what you want out of life, and in the process, enjoy every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and maybe love is a need and chocolate a want (naaaa)….


The sun sets on another day…]

Sunset was in a split sky today. The clouds surrounded a strip of light and as the colors started to shine another set of clouds forced their way in and brought the night.

I was thinking today about all the things that I have not gotten in my life, and all the things others are still missing. Yes, even at my ripe old age there are things missing. Isn’t it fun.

There is a song that talks about unanswered prayers, and I thought about this song today. The song notes we should be thankful for the things that didn’t happen as perhaps they made us better in life. Perhaps the lack of that special someone, amazing experience, or something else made us a better person. The song is funny as the two people who knew each other in high school had little in common, and happy because the singer had a great wife. It is an interesting series of thoughts.

As I sit here I do not disagree with the song but I would like to add a verse to it to consider.

Sometimes I thank me, for the chances I took
I found a way to challenge the record book
Even though they tried to stop me the heavens I shoooook
Sometimes I think me, for the chances I took

I guess for me it is easy to set aside all the things I missed out on, but I am also thankful for the chances I took and the ability to answer those challenges. The world would be nowhere if we just rolled over when someone said “You can’t do that”. Instead I feel we need to find the way, find the passion, find whatever is necessary to make the impossible real.

So as the sun sets on another day, I love the song, but, in my opinion, thew world is a better place when we “Climb every mountain” and “Ford every stream. Set a trend, scale a mountain, hike something impossible, press the envelope, and make the world yours, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it…

How deep…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was pretty awesome. I was able to get a super picture, and enjoyed watching the sun and the sky part ways.

How deep is your love?

I was watching an old movie and in the process had to question how deep we love. In the movie there was a speech about how men lost interest in life and suddenly became hardened in their opinions, and in themselves. I thought about that a lot this morning and this afternoon and considered all the things that I see around us. At the core of the message was remembering why two people are together, and the feelings so deep inside.

We have to have an open mind to love, and we have to have an open mind to feel the depth of love. Love that is deep can last forever, or it can be destroyed on a whim. It all depends on the people, and their commitment not only to the love, but to the person they are loving.

I have been loved, and I have loved. I think love is at my core, but how about you? Think about it, and let the love flow the way it should.

So as the sun sets on another day, good movies can open your heart, and good books can reveal your soul. Live for passion each day, and fall in love. It is a great feeling, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love on…

Versions of you…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset is earlier and earlier, still it is filled with magnificent colors, and a splash of crisp air and a hot cocoas makes it even better.

I will never forget the day in the 70s when I got my first version of DOS and BASIC. I sat at a computer and was working with machine code and a teacher handed my a 360k disk and said, “This is new, I bet it will be better. That was over 40 years ago and nearly 40 version of operating systems and programming languages later. It has been astounding to see the changes we have gone through, and the advances.

Today, as I laughed at a box for OS2 Warp I thought about the versions of me I have gone through as well. Perhaps there are even more than operating systems, in fact I know it. Each day we are revised by our friends, family, acquaintances, experiences, and a lot more. Each morning we wake as the new and almost improved ultimate version of ourselves and each day we can look back at yesterday and wonder, what were we thinking. Or maybe not.

Maybe, just maybe we can make today the best version of ourselves, and in the process, keep on improving. Find that path that makes you great today, and find a new one tomorrow, and another the next day, and the version will not matter because you will always best the best version of you. Maybe that is all we need, maybe, just maybe, that is all we all need.

So as the sun sets on another day, here I am, the best version of me. I could have gone so many other ways, and you know what, I still would have been the best version of me. I will always be me. Find your path and make it real, you are wor5th it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and time for a new version…