Open Mics and Minds..

The sun sets on another day

Sunset was beautiful for just a moment. I saw the sun through the clouds and then it faded away and was gone. I’m thankful for the beauty that was almost there.

I had two events today that I enjoyed. The first was the imaginative storm group. Each week two wonderful people take their time with a group of writers and create magic. Prompts are based either on pictures or other unique items and in today’s case it was a electronic image of a medical item. The approach is fairly simple and everyone rights. You’re writing can be whatever your imagination dictates and the nice part is that no matter what you write you are accepted and more. It is an eclectic group of people with open minds and it is good.

I also went to an open mic today at a gallery in Grand Rapids. I do this to share some of my writing and get a feel for my reading. Normally it is an amazing time and tonight was no different. I said my piece and smiled for a minute and as I did I felt good about the world. There is no better way to share than to share with people with open minds and hearts.

If you read what I write I have said it hundreds of times. Whether you agree or disagree with someone your mind should be open to their point of view. Something has taken them on a journey as it took you on a journey to learn something for yourself. Be open-minded and as you are realize that everyday is an opportunity to see more and be more. The first step to growth is realizing that you cannot always be right, the second step is opening your mind to possibilities.

So as the sun sets on another day take a deep breath and find a path to being you. I hope that you adapt and change daily and find a way to grow without boundaries or bias and instead make each day a learning experience, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep living..