Well, that happened…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a snowy series of fun. The day had been sunny, but as it passed the snow returned.

Contrary to most people I actually love snow. If you live in Michigan either you love snow or you stay miserable a lot. For the next four months, perhaps five we will see spitting of the white cloak of cold assailing our senses and making the landscape beautiful. It is a fantastic time for winter excitement. It’s an even more fantastic time for play.

If you haven’t followed me for a while, you wouldn’t know that I have a new puppy. For those of you that do follow this week was the first time that my new puppy saw snow. There’s something special about seeing snow for the first time whether you’re a human or an animal. Obviously it changes the landscape completely and even more obviously if you’re not dressed right or if you’re a puppy, your feet get cold.

Today while playing outside, I looked out over the horizon and all of the weeds and fallen trees were wearing a blanket of white. Nothing was truly gone but as I paid attention I reveled in the idea of the beauty before me. If you take a step back from anything in the snow it is the same.

While playing in the snow I got my best laugh of the day as the puppy walked underneath a white pine flocked with new snowflakes and I shook it a little and covered her with snow. Normally I would expect people and animals to shy away from that barrage but the puppy, being a little over the top, jumped into the air and grabbed another branch and pulled it down on herself. For the next 5 minutes it became a game of how many branches we could find that would cover her in snow as she danced around glistening like a crystal canine. It was a lot of fun.

What did you do fun today? Did you laugh? Did you see past all of the ugliness and find a blanket of white to make your day a little better? The best question yet is did you cover yourself in snow and enjoy every moment of it? I think if you took your time you might want to be out under that tree, pulling a branch, and loving every moment.

So as the sun sets on another day, there is fun and just about everything if you look for it. Instead of avoiding those scary situations, embrace them. Find a way to make today the best day you’ve ever had. I know I will, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and brrrr….