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The sun sets on another day...

As it sets there is a struggle between the light and darkness as the light tries to shine, but the clouds and darkness attempt to force the sun into hiding. This massive struggle continues until finally, tonight the sun shone through, in spite of the darkness, bathing us in its rosy hue.

So too it is similar in life. There are people who embrace the darkness and become hidden by it and unable to show their true light. Then there are those that struggle against it all, and achieve the light in spite of the pain, suffering, darkness, or adversity they are attempting to overcome.

It is this power to overcome that makes us not good, but great and shows the world the true measure of us all. Those people that reach out not because of the darkness that closes in on them, but in spite of it.

So as the sun sets on another day, look forward, and in spite of whatever is holding you down, step up, step out, and be more than anyone thinks you can be. Overcome it all, and make the world a better place by your example, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh at the darkness, for it will never know the light...

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The sun sets on another day...

A number of people far smarter than me have said that you should never give a limit to life. 29000sunsets sets a type of limit but it was not for the purpose of setting a limit, just that we should all get at least 29000 sunsets. (Well, it was a good number)

As I have talked and watched people perhaps the question should be where do you live your life?

Do you live your life at 8,000 sunsets where you are not concerned about what happened day to day and instead don't really mind the day to day, and instead focus everywhere else in the world?

Do you live your life at 28,999 where tomorrow may be the last day and you try to squeeze every moment out of the day and wring the sweat from you?

Do you live your life at 28,999 and just wait for the inevitable click of the clock?

I suggest you dump the numbers as well. As a better approach lets all consider that today is the best day of our life and in spite of victory or defeat, sorrow or eleation, humor or seriousness, we should wring every moment out of lift because it is a gift. If the pain is great, push through, if you feel you have done enough, you haven't. Let's grab life and make it the most amazing adventure it could ever be. After all YOU are worth it.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets suck every moment out of life and make it the best it can possible be, no matter what...


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The sun sets on another day, exposing the hearts and souls of all who have lived in it...

The essence of the sunset is a closure to one day, and the opening of the night with the promise of a new day tomorrow. In life there are so many things on a daily basis that define us, our lives, and who we are just like the sunset defines a day. Birth, marriage, children, divorce (eek), grandchildren, a home, and even death define who we are, and how we are perceived in life. It is rare for any of us to see that our lives are a cycle, or maybe it isn't. After all, how many people quote death and taxes all the time as sure things. Hence the cyclic nature of who we are and how are passions are born.

As you walk through life consider your memories, and all the wonderful things you have done in life. Consider friends, family, love and the places you have felt this, times may ebb and flow, but in the end you will see many things cycle and come back to you and you will cherish those moments you felt the passion about life that you truly should feel each and every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, watch it set, feel it set, and know that out there you are part of a larger sunset, no matter what...


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The sun sets on another day...

...and I guarantee it is going to rise in the morning or we won't be here to see it!

Actually, there are a few things you can be sure of in life, death, taxes, more taxes, mosquitos, hard biscuits, and a host of others that are pretty sure. There are some that are more sure than that, like the sun rising and setting each day.Everything else, with a few exceptions, may be pretty much a crap shoot. After all, how can we really be sure of anything except that anything is unsure, right?

Perhaps there is something that some of us can be sure about, perhaps passion is a sure thing, if you find the right person to share it with. Perhaps passion is one of the few sure things we have in life. Passion for life and the will to live is as big of a passion as the passion everyone considers for each other. The point is, passion is a driving force to make us move forward, and should be a driving force each day and each moment of your life. Hopefully you find that person who feels the same level of passion you feel, and between you, you change the world.

So as the sun sets on another day, embrace the passion you feel and know it is real and something that you should hold on to each and every day. Once you have that passion, don't let go, so it will always be with you.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wish upon a star, your wish may come true....