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Eeek, the first pass of this post was done in the car while driving in a windstorm and was not as rhythmic as I had hoped. I hope the edit works better....

The Sun sets on another day..

In the movie Fled years ago the statement was made by Laurence Fishburne that everything in life has a rhythm. I believe this is true. For every day as we walk through our lives there is a rhythm to our heartbeat, a rhythm to our walk, a rhythm to our speech, there is even a rhythm to how we interact with different people.

In the world we also see rhythms. There are rhythms in the weather, rhythms in the animals around us and of course rhythms in the Sun rise and Sunsets. It is probably harder to imagine a life without rhythm than to list all of the things that are rhythmic.

In a relationship rhythm is even more important. Our moods and our very lives eb and flow and it is up to us to pay attention to the person we are with in a relationship. As  mood rhythms go up  or fall down we should be diligent and help the ups to be higher, and the lows far less low.

So as the Sun sets on another day watch for the rhythms all around you and pay attention. A watchful eye may not only help our lives to be better but can help the lives of those people around us. In the process perhaps we should listen to a little music and pay attention to that rhythm is well. Maybe listen to a little bass guitar, and enjoy the moments.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live every moment like it was your last, and dance the night away..j

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The sun sets on another day...

The colors of the day have turned to the color of night. As we pass through this wonderful series of days let's be thankful for a moment for the people in our lives. There are many. Some bring us up, some do not, but all the people in our lives can teach us to be better. I strongly feel that even the negative people in our lives give us a path to hope and passion by showing us things to avoid.

For me, our tactics should be to focus on the people important to us, and set aside the other issues. We need to be in favor of ourselves and trust that others have our best interest at heart, even if they do not. I have trusted some people I never should have trusted, and not trusted some that perhaps I should have, but in the end it helped me learn, so there is a positive. So to be tactical, why not enjoy the positives while you can, and even if the negatives hurt, look for the silver lining and hope the negatives one day become positives.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it, stop sitting in the corner, instead get out, watch the sunset and smile at the joy and happiness life brings you daily....no matter what.

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The day is closing in, the people around us crushing each piece of life we thought we had right out of our pores. Like some massive constricting snake our lives are more and more pulled into despair until we finally just stop, sit on the floor, and begin to cry, get angry, or be upset. Ever have one of those days?

Pretty much we all do, (I try not to but I am "weird") but there is always hope for each of us, after all we have faith in ourselves and our maker don't we?

I am reminded of a movie called the Never Ending Story. In the movie the young man is reading a book and it becomes evident as he reads the book he is more and more apart of it, and the darkness is closing in on him and the heroine. It takes him some time to realize he is in the story, but as he does, he realizes that it is everyone's belief that is causing the issue, and in that he find a way to restore the light to the world in the book, and himself in the process.

So let's look at the world. We are all part of an interesting story, and whether we want to be or not we are a story, yes, you too, that's you who is sitting in the back saying "I never want to be a story", yes you are a story as well. So being part of an interesting story, we have a say in the story, and we can make it real for us. Take a moment, assess your negatives and realize in the grand story, they are meaningless. The bad boss, the pain in the but spouse, the divorce, the money problems, the marriage, all of that is transient, but you, wonderful you, are here to stay and that is what we need to hold on to with all of our heart.

So as the sun sets on another day, I ask, I implore, I will even plead, be true to you, for without you, how can life truly be fulfilled. Believe in yourself and the power you have to make your own decisions, and you life will find a way to happiness, even if today seems like a darkness.

Sleep sweet, love life, wish upon a star and hold onto the love in your heart...

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The sun sets on another day...

Today and every day we should get loose, foot loose, put on our...ooops, I did it again. Sometimes you are just overcome with giddiness or that inherent need to have fun, be enjoyable, and be loose from all the pressures and other stuff that could be bringing you down. Not that those things are not important, but they should never bring you to a point you do not believe in happiness and the life you could be having right now.

Let me preach for a moment and tell you to get loose from those people who try to bring you down to their level, and rise above. Get loose from those people who are negative and show them that life is great! Get loose from the pressures at work and realize that work is not all of life! Get loose from the boyfriend who isn't treating you right, and find a way to someone who will! Get loose from the girlfriend that trades "up" for you and realize you were the better choice, and maybe she wasn't. The trick is, for each and every thing in your life you can get loose and dance your way to happiness!

So as the sun sets on another day, lets all look at the sunset, and love every moment of life, and let loose the pressures that keep you from living, and instead live life with the passion that it deserves. Sleep sweet, love life, and as you teach your children the same, show them a pathway to love and fulfillment that most people just cannot see...