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The sun sets on another day...and boy does the sun have it easy...

If you think about it, lots of "stuff" has it easy because it just happens. The sun rises, the sun flies across the sky, then the sun sets. No issues, no muss, not problem. Not exactly true with all of us is it? We all have certain expectations in life, the expectation of pay for work, that our mother loves us, our father protects us, and a million more. In the end it is my opinion our expectations get us into more trouble that we really need.


Easy. Let's take Jack and Jill. They went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water? Why? Well, Jill was thirsty, and Jack wanted to make it right, so up the hill they go. (Or it could be Jack was thirsty and Jill was trying to make it right). Anyway, they get to the top of the hill, just to get water. their expectation is to get some ice cold Dasani and in the process not have to worry about being thirsty for a while. Happened though that Jack fell down, and broke his crown, fortunately it was insured, and he started rolling down the hill with a broken crown. His expectations of that ice cold water were crushed. Jill, being good, tumbled after, but she missed out on the water as well. The point is, they had an expectation, they fell though (Well Jack fell through) and ooops, expectations crushed. You know, Fred was next door and when he saw Jack and Jill at the bottom of the hill laughing because Jack was such a klutz, Fred gave them some water anyway so it turned out okay but it doesn't for us all the time. We miss out on the raise, the good grade, the loving feeling, and a host of other silliness that defies the imagination.

(Yes, I am having fun today)

So what was the problem here? No problem at all except we set expectations and didn't meet them. Imagine if the water was for Jack and Jill did not come through. Did Jack ask for the water? Should Jill have known? How many times are we in situations where someone says "Well you should have known" and we are sitting there like Jack, with a broken crown and a drink of Fred's water.

This is the stuff jokes are made of, jokes, sitcoms, and a host of bad relationships. So what, right? Well I tell you "so what", here is the clue. Pay attention to your expectations and communicate them. If you are with someone, look at them and think about their expectations, if you don't feel like meeting them, maybe you are with the wrong person. If you do feel like meeting them, turn up the volume and do it. (Just do it) Better yet, lets skip expectations, and just communicate and be happy. Funny how that works. 

So now, Jack and Jill are thirsty. Jack says to Jill, "I am a little parched" and Jill says "Me too my dear Jack, wanna go up the hill and get a pail of water?", where Jack says "How about we just go over and ask Fred, he has an Aquafina distributorship and will hook us up and I can avoid spanking my crown again", Jill just laughs and says "Good idea, the bucket has a hole in it anyway", so they both communicate, know they are thirsty, and work it out together, and Fred, well Fred gets rich selling bottled water to people who can't get up the hill.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and look at the sky, and realize expectations are what they are, and the sun has it easy, remember that life is good, and we can all enjoy every moment if we manage our expectations with ourselves and with those around us.

Sleep sweet, love life, drink about 8 glasses of water a day, protect your crown, and love to the moon and back...

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The sunsets on another day...

As the sunset today I watched a fiery orange glow shift from the brightest possible orange to a massive red globe. I could literally feel the colors trying to overwhelm me as they covered not only the earth but lit the sky with colorful wonder. 

As the sun is setting it goes through significant changes until it finally passes into twilight. As people we too go through massive changes from our sunrise to our sunset even though we may not be aware of them. Change is part of everything that we are, everything we were, and everything we will be. 

So as the sun sets on another day realize you are changing whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, or whether you feel it or not. Instead of ignoring this change, embrace your changes become a part of them and learn to be a better person. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and don't just change yourself, change the world...

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The sun sets on another day...

The sunset is a miracle to enjoy, but so too are we. Each day we can experience the miracles of life, if we choose to do so. How can we choose to do so? How can we understand, embrace, and look at ourselves in a realistic manner, and not be influenced by our personal bias on us as a person? (Yes yes, confusing already)

It is tough. When the sun sets, it is what it is. Simply put, no matter what, the sun does exactly as it should, and rises and sets, independent of all else. Is it so hard to do similar for people (That would be us), we sometimes find it hard to be ourselves, and know ourselves for the purpose of being ourselves? (Still confusing I bet) It is not quite as easy as being the sun, since it is a giant gaseous ball floating in the center of our solar system that doesn't have any of the hangups we do.

I suggest we look at three things (since we are human and think, feel and a host of other things that drive us away from us): 

1) Embrace our past, look at it, learn from it, and grow from it to be better each day.

2) Embrace ourselves, look inside, and see what we are now, and in the process know who we are and feel good about it.

3) Embrace our future, look forward, know where we want to be, and make it there.

Don't get me wrong, this is tough for most. A lot of really troubled people do not even know they are troubled. A lot of really happy people don't realize the gifts they have been given, Makes no sense does it? (Nobody said we were logical all the time, or any of the time for that matter)in the end I feel it is worth the look and we could be better. (My opinion)

So as the sun sets on another day, lets take a second, look inside, and understand who we can be, what we can be, how we can be, and in the process become better people, and find our way to happiness.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find a way to the moon and back, and the stars beyond...

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The sun sets on another day...

Tonight as I went to a new place to take pictures of the sunset heavy fog rolled in. The fog was so oppressive and so thick that it felt as though it were going to choke life out of existence. For a moment I was concerned and felt as though I would have to fight my way out to once again make it to the wonderful colors that are always part of my life. But in an instant I found my memory. I remembered those people who truly love me, I remembered those people who had made my life more complete, I remembered those people who were a fantastic part of all that I am, and in that I remembered that behind the fog, whether I could see it or not, the sunset was there.

So too should this be in life. We should have faith in those people around us. We should have faith in the people that make us more complete. Faith should always be a part of our lives. Whether you are Christian, Muslim ,Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan, or some other religion, or even if you are not a religious, have faith. 

So as the sun sets on another day, believe in the people you love, pray they believe in you, and in the end enjoy every moment that you can and know that when the fog rolls in they will be there for you. Have faith.

Sleep sweet, love life, and embrace the fog so that you too can know what is behind it...