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The sun sets on another day...

(An amazing sunset after a gloomy day)

Disney said it best, a dream is a wish your heart makes. 

We are a world of dreamers. We have the ability to see what we are and beyond if we only open our minds and let the dreams flow in. There can be no doubt of the amazing achievements of so many that have made our lives so much better. All we need do is believe.

It is important to believe in your dreams, you self, and the realization that life can be so much more each and every day. There are so many things we have seen come of age over the last 20 years, and so much more to come. Be a part, dream a dream, and make the world a better place, and in the process become more than just another watcher, become the dreamer that make a difference,

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that each day is a chance to realize your dreams, each day is an opportunity to take us all another step further, and each day is a chance for happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dream well, and wake tomorrow with the world in your hands...

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The sun sets on another day...

The sun, being not a living organism, goes round and round and round, but serves a huge benefit to us all as it baths us with light and gives us life.

So what do we give to the world, the solar system, to everyone? Is it obvious? is it amazing? Or is it seemingly unimportant but still priceless?

Not a huge question but it may be more complex than you think. We like to think we always are doing the right thing but without others to interact with, is it everything it needs to be? Sometimes we need validation and something fun to make us as important as we can be. I remember a cartoon a long long time ago, "Flintstones". In one episode Fred is asked to be on a movie, he stresses and strains and defines his very existence based on just a few words, "Please pass the Poi", but in reality he was special just the way he was, and it only seemed like that was important to him, and pretty much only to him. My point is, find the people that are important to you, and they are the key, not the definitions set by so many others in the world por by misgivings set by a situation. Poor Fred found out what he thought was important wasn't. We have a leg up and can realize that important is what we are, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, define those things in your life that are truly important, and make sure they include those people in your life who are important, and enjoy the moments with them each and every day,a nd in the process, find happiness, or at least a slice of it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile a lot...

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The sun sets on another day...(and another wonderful sunset today!)

The sun is on a constant journey, and no other star is exactly the same as it has its own path,different from all others as it wanders the galaxy. Ever thought of it that way?

Well, in our lives we cannot know another persons journey unless we walk as it is theirs alone. We can understand some things as we experienced similar situations, or even the same situation, however we cannot say in one way or another that we definitely understand how another person is feeling, nor can we be certain that we know the "right direction" for a person unless we know how they can react to the situation it creates.

Sometimes we are lost on our path, and sometimes we are clearly traveling our path, but always it is our path, and though others may follow similar, they do not follow our exact path ever. So, when you need help you have to talk to get people to understand what is going on with you, and be patient so they can understand as it may not be evident to them what you are going through. If helping someone you need to listen to what they are saying and watch for how they feel because you cannot know how they will interpret your version of their situation. Remember you will never fully understand what they are going through, only your interpretation of it. 

In the end, the common theme is patience. We have to realize we must be patient when we deal with other people and realize in the end, they may see an entirely different world than us, because they have been on an entirely different journey.

So as the sun set son another day, consider how you approach the day, consider how you will walk through your day, and remember your day is different, if only a little, from every other persons. After all, that is what makes you special, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep on moving on...


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The sun sets on another day...

After weeks of less than sunny days, actually after weeks of gloominess, hmm, no, after weeks of oppressive clouds, cold and snow, yeah that's it. After weeks of oppressive clouds, cold and snow today the sun decided that it would dispel the darkness and let the light in on us all. Wow, that was tough. 

Sometimes we think the world is just as bad as a cold cloudy winter. Each day grey to us with passion, happiness and life pulled away in favor of the mundane existence so many tend to embrace. Like the sun being held from us for weeks the world seems to beat us down. Bills, weird people, strange people, money issues, relationships, or sometimes relationsunks, and a host of problems that can only be described as life sucking.

We can overcome. We can find a way to see the light through the darkness and it is by just being positive as best we can, and finding fun in even the little things we do. There are people who take this to extremes and that's not awful. The person who says "watch this" and the jet-ski launches into the air causing a less than pleasant outcome. The ski accident that ruins months and months as surgery is necessary. I have to say though, that maybe those people have it right, maybe taking a chance is more than worth the danger. Maybe a little potential bad time lets those people see the bed tin life. Those people are the ones imbued with a passion that just won't die, a passion that will change the world as they say "watch this" and show someone what love is like, what life is like, as they define the very barriers of passion and all things similar. It is those people that go to the moon, those people that find their way to the bottom of the ocean, cure cancer, or find the ultimate depths of love in every moment of the day. Maybe those people have the template that risk and occasionally a bad day week or month is worth the limits they push and the feelings they feel. I think so.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and look at the sunset posted and realize the sun struggled against all odds tonight and said "watch this", think about all those people who are taking their chances, finding their dreams, loving life, doing fun things, opening candy stores, starting wellness clinics, starting a band, creating a comic, starting a movement against drugs, or just showing people how wonderful life can be, and maybe you too can find your passion, and make it a reality too.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hey, "watch this"...