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The sun sets on another day...

Today's picture was not a sunset, but it was fun taking it and enjoying the walk at this location. Unfortunately the sunset was eaten by clouds at the last minutes, but I have received several in email today for those days in the future.

Having just seen "the Revenant" the consistent message was to loom at the trunk of the tree in the storm, and though it sways, the core is what lets you know it's power. I agree, but feel that the roots take it even further. As you look at the tree, deep roots will allow survival while shallow roots will mean potential disaster.

So as the sun sets on another day think not only about making each day the best day of your life, but also about making your core the strongest it can be, so as we enjoy tomorrow as well. Remember who you are at your core, and have the honor, integrity and passion to lead others. trust that others will do the same, and when they don't help them find the way (Or maybe find the door, oops, did I say that)

Smile, love life, live for each day, and wish upon a star as a promise that life will be good as long as you make it good!

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The sun sets on another cold day...

Sometimes it is amazing how some people can be so cold, walking away from the warmth of life and embracing the cold pricklys in our world? Don't know the cold pricklys? It is from a story my grandmother used to tell me called the "Warm Fuzzy Story". I need to rewrite it as the person who wrote the book "Fuzzy's" did not follow the story I was told, so I suppose I will do that in the near future.

The gist of the story is there are two types of people, those who share their love daily and are there for everyone, and those who are cold and prickly, and just survive.

As the sun sets on another day, embrace warmth and love, and stay warm and fuzzy. After all, life is meant to be more than just a word...

Live life, love more, and make every day the best day you can have, until tomorrow....

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Once upon a time...errr, ooops

The sun sets on another day... (that's it)

You know there are over 41 articles with the word "hope" in it that I have penned since the reset of 29000 sunsets. That seems like a lot. Hope is a strange beast, in fact I had three separate items dedicated to hope, hope 1hope 2 and hope 3. Once upon a time a woman told me that no one had ever fought for her and she could never hope for that. When I did, she did not fight for me (Probably making me hopeless, lol).  How many times does hope align like that for people in the world? One side hopes, and the other side blunders or does not believe in hope.

So, now I want to replace the word hope with action (we can rewrite the song to "A little less hope and a lot more action") when appropriate. After all, sometimes you have to change your path and find another way,and not necessarily focus on an action that is unwanted, unmerited or unreturned. Instead we should act to make our lives better, other peoples lives better and to live our life to its fullest and maybe then people will will act with us in a common direction.

As for those who lose hope, or choose a path that is not to fight, well, I know how that ends too. So lets just avoid losing hope, period.

Live life, love life, find the good way, and make every minute count towards every sunset you have...


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Photo by M. Reid

The sun sets on another day...

It is funny, today I was less than 60 miles from where this picture was taken, and as I sat under a blanket of clouds watching sparkling flakes of crystal water fall to the ground and build fluffy mounds of snow cone material. This was warming someones heart and assailing them with the depth of color that only the sunrise or sunset can give us all. 

So too it is in life, It is hard to imagine but next to us people are experiencing different things, different emotions, different "depths" and colors, and in the end, we are all so close as to be inconsequential. If we just held out a hand to someone and let them know how we felt, we could share good times together, instead of sitting under our cloud and thinking that is all that is going on for everyone. So tonight, as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and feel positive, even though the negative seems to be closing in because somewhere, there is a good sunset, and we can all share in the feeling, even if we cannot see it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wish on the same star as someone special...