Most important…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was snowy and cold, seems like a thing from time to time. I did enjoy watching snowflakes fall, and feeling the tingle of snow on my face. In that it was good.

It is said the most important thing in life is “to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women”. Well, that is what one source said. I thought for a while today about what is important in life. Have you?

Perhaps the important things in life are a little less obvious than what most people consider. Maybe it is just as important to feel the wind in a warm evening. Perhaps it is important to feel a hand in yours and be excited about it. It may be important to feel loved, or to feel love at all. It may be important to find satisfaction, or maybe to find like minds. There are a lot of potential things floating around in the important column.

Do you know yours? Is there something out there that gives you pause or drives you more? Something that makes you feel alive? Is there something that makes your life better, or even more? What is it? Do you know?

My off the wall point is, there is no one thing that is most important. Time and events change that moment by moment. In the end, only we have that secret sauce and only we know where we need to be. Consider yours, and consider how important life may be to you.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find that which is most important to you. I hope you know that life is good if you let it be, and I hope you find the best for yourself and always, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and nice sword…

The shortest distance…

The sun sets on another day…

I’m sitting here watching the sky waiting for the sun to set. There are clouds on the horizon and fluffy globs of white cotton above me. I think it will be a pretty sunset or perhaps I’m wrong. Either way the sun will set and I will be in awe

I was thinking about math a few minutes ago, I’m not sure why, but as I did geometry popped into my head. One of the rules of geometry is it the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This means if you want to go somewhere that mapping a curvy path will take a little longer. Mapping a really curvy path we’ll take a lot longer.

What does this have to do with anything? It is simple, we often find ourselves in situations where we are trying to understand the people that we are with. We are trying to communicate with them and help them understand our point of view. I find that a lot of people take a curvy path to explaining their point of view. They avoid words and tiptoe around phrases in fear of offending someone or worse offending a lot of people. If you’re a politician this will make a lot of sense to you.

I am going to suggest to you that like a straight line between two points, the truth is the fastest way to good communication. I’m not saying brutal and destructive truth like explaining to someone how bad their clothes look but I am suggesting that maybe taking a moment and explaining how you really feel or how you really communicate will help you to understand and be understood.

How do you feel about this? Are you lost when you talk to people in fear of saying the wrong thing? Do you find the right words but not the right meanings? Have you considered that maybe there is a more direct route to the truth? Just consider it, and enjoy your day.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think everyone deserves a chance to be great. I think you are always awesome. I hope you think the same and find a path to a little bit more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and what’s the vector Victor??

The Itsy Bitsy Spider…

The sun sets on another day…

I enjoyed sunset as I watched the world fade to dark and I smiled at the interactions of the day. There are some things that you just have to smile to.

I think it’s funny how a child’s eyes can be so discerning and about how many children songs and stories are meant to uplift the child even more. After picking up my grandson I began singing songs and he listened and clap after every one. It was somewhere in the middle that I began singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Mind you, I had sung this song hundreds of times before but today I listened to my voice with a new thought in mind. Today I thought about how super that spider was.

You see, the Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout. The spider had a goal and pushed his way through to find resolution and satisfaction. As his usual down came the rain and washed the spider out. That spider faced adversity and had a huge setback. In the end up came the Sun and dried up all the rain and the Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the spout again.

Why is this fascinating? Mostly because the spider had a goal faced setbacks and didn’t let anything get in their way to find the goal again. Like so many other things the Itsy Bitsy Spider was a go-getter that was going to succeed and in doing so perhaps we’ll teach my grandson not to give up.

How many times do people stop when the rain comes down and washes them out. It’s time for that to stop. It is time for us all to acknowledge our ability to climb again after the sun dries up the rain. It might seem silly but it is 100% true.

So as the sun sets on another day, the rain is dried up. There is nothing holding you back. There is no obstacle you cannot overcome. So let’s climb up the spout again, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep on climbing…

Dream goo…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was relatively beautiful in a relatively beautiful type of way. As I looked out into the evening sky I saw shards of light scatter through the horizon. It wasn’t a normal sunset but it was spectacular just the same.

I was having a discussion with somebody and I was overcome by poetic passion. The result was a poem inside of a poem with a ton of extra thoughts and meanings floating in and out of a gooey center made for us smore or something similar. I found myself spewing words and thinking about the depth of poetic passion and what it means. It was good.

In my opinion poetry spans a great deal of emotional distance. The poet has to consider the impact of words far more carefully then the novelist or journalist. With fewer words the ability to impart emotion has to be considered with every syllable. Each syllable is part of a larger whole and that too has to be considered as the internal rhythm of the poem can call too many. When I was in high school and college I spent far too much time translating Latin prose and poetry and those words were as well chosen as any English.

I guess the whole purpose of today’s post is to get you thinking about words. Not necessarily the gooey ones but instead the ones that actually relate to others more than the concrete. How can we relate complex emotions and other feelings as we go and in the process communicate even more effectively. Take your time, choose your words wisely, and inspire the world.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and consider all of the wonderful words that are floating out in the English language. Then consider all the languages and all the additional words that are available to you in the world. I think you’ll find that you have an arsenal of adjectives and a plethora of pronouns available to you as well as nouns, verbs, adverbs, and plain fun. Enjoy your communication every day, no matter what yeah.

Sleep sweet, love life, and goo it up…

Truest and best…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was sublime and I enjoyed the colors of the sky for a moment, then the moment was gone. It still was a good eve, and as darkness fell I smiled.

There is a lot to consider in the world. So much is going on that people seem mired in a never ending muck of what is right and what is wrong. People disagree and it seems as though many disagree for the sake of disagreeing and many more find the half empty glass and pour the contents out never realizing how big the glass was.

It is with that in mind that I suggest that we all take inventory of ourselves and realize that each of us has the ability to be the truest and best in the world. What is true and best about us? In my opinion it is the power and ability of people to see beyond themselves and be compassionate towards others.

I may be wrong, but I strongly feel that everyone has the capability of being more. Everyone makes a choice for how they will be. Whether it be open and positive or cold and cruel depends only on what they are and what they feel. It does not reduce their capability of being positive and involved with others. Somewhere in the midst of it all as our electronic age crashed in upon us we seemed to have forgotten the empathy that we all are built upon.

I am guilty as anyone. I can be positive and pay attention to others but I have the capability of being cold and cruel. I simply choose not to go down that path. I’m not saying I’m perfect, far from it. I am saying that I try hard to make the right choice quite often.

How about you? Do you look for the positive in everything you do? Do you look for the positive in others? When you find it are you patient? Do you understand how others feel? Do you try? All these questions and hundreds more align you with the world. Consider them if you can.

I am not saying that everyone will be positive. I’m not saying that the world is full of tulips and butterflies. I know there are some people that will never try to see a positive light. I know there are some people that will never try to understand others. Still, I only have to choose for me. You only have to choose for you. Make a good choice.

So as the sun sets on another day, I believe that so many people give us the ability to showcase the truest and best in the world. I hope you will consider allowing them to do so and in the process maybe doing so yourself. After all, the world is a better place with you in it. Make good choices, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be true…


The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the sunset there was a light mist in you and instead of the blinding sunlight that I would normally see a golden globe drifted silently across the western sky. It only took a few moments for it to pass beyond the horizon but as it fell and I watched through a forest full of trees I was in trenched in the beauty before me. It’s too bad I was driving couldn’t get a picture.

There are times in the world where I just like to think. I feel like Pooh Bear with my hand against my forehead stating think think in sequence as I Ponder strange things about the universe. Today I was thinking about words and the synonyms for good and bad and all of the things in between.

As someone who likes to write I try not to overuse the same words but I know that often I get stuck in a rut or I repeat words because it’s sometimes difficult to come up with synonyms. As an example how many words can you think of that mean the same as magnificent or terrific? There are a few of course but as you go through them you often find yourself repeating them. If I say that you’re amazing I mean it but amazing is also a word that is overused quite consistently. So where do we come up with new words? Do we make them up in order to create synonyms that we can use effectively or do we just continue to push through and in the process cycle through the known words for the meanings that seem to repeat?

There is of course another possibility. We could just use the same word. Instead of a terrific, magnificent, amazing day it could be just an amazing day. Instead of rotating through the words we could just stick with the ones that reflect our mindset.

There is a very good writer named Clive Cussler that I enjoy. I will say however that he reuses the same words quite a bit and sometimes a little more. This doesn’t make him any less of a storyteller but some people find license to criticize him. By the same token in my first book, Vengeful Son, I found myself using the word massive far too much someone pointed it out to me and I counted them and there weren’t more than 20 but it was enough that they noticed. My fault.

All of this reminded me of an old movie starring Judd Nelson. In the movie The main character calls for a sidebar to discuss the merits of using the word a******. The case was quickly made that there isn’t another word that adequately describes what that word elicits. So we again have to ask ourselves how do I want to approach my descriptors?

For me I think I will do similar to someone who is dear to me and just use the things I like over and over because they make me laugh

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you had a terrific day. I hope it was magnificent and quite awesome. Mostly I hope you found the positives in every moment and cherished them as they deserve to be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be awesome…

A day to listen

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was so snowy I could barely see the road, but there was a certain amount of beauty to it, and as the darkness fell and I was lost in a perpetual star field of snowflakes, I smiled because it was good.

I met a lot of people today, and it seemed as the day went on that there was a common theme. I laughed with many, cried with some, and listened to all. It is amazing how much you can learn if you just listen. As I listened the day became a series of conflicting situations revolving around choices and interactions. I was told about different issues we had faced and different people who had left our lives or for bad.

Some of the people I talked to we’re finding their way to positivity and some of them were lost in negativity. All of them just wanted somebody to listen to them for just a moment. In the end many of us just one our stories to be heard. Whether it’s something simple or something far more complex we just want to know that somebody understands who we are.

On the other hand there are far too many people that don’t listen to others and I really wish everyone would take the time to listen and enjoy the world around them every day. To everyone who I talked to, thanks for telling me your story. And for those that I didn’t talk to perhaps next time. I hope you all find a way to find peace. It’s out there.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find your peace each day. In the process I hope you listen and are heard and  in the process I hope you see far more and far further than yesterday. Find your path, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep living…

Good memories..

The Sun sets on another day

There was a moment when Sunset looked spectacular and I tried to snap a few pictures and we’ll see what they look like. In the end as the darkness fell across the land it was still a wonderful day.

I remember a lot. I remember when I was four years old, and my family would get together, and my aunt would come and play with me as though I were a child. Wait for a second I was a child. It’s funny how perspectives play games with your memories. In my mind, I know I was only four years old, but at the time, I felt like I understood the world. I enjoyed the fact that people were there and even more the interactions I experienced.

There is a lot of fun in the world if you take the time to find it. Whether you are young or old doesn’t matter, and instead, it is how you store those memories in your mind. For me, my younger years will always be a lot of fun, and even though I thought I was mature, I looked at the world through innocent eyes and saw people as always good.

As for my aunt I will always remember her fantastic voice and the fun times we had together playing in a small trailer. It was all a matter of perspective and my perspective was good.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your moments well and make them seriously good. Remember that no matter where you go, there you are, and believe in yourself along the way. After all you are pretty awesome, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your night..


The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was beautiful until again it was obscured by clouds. I didn’t mind because beauty is everywhere.

I am sure the question of the day is, what pronunciation am I giving this word? It could be taken as tears flowing from someone’s eyes after discovering horrible information or experiencing an awful situation. It could also be tears in the universe where Mighty battles are fought and the universe shutters in anticipation of change.

Unfortunately for you I’m not going to tell you which one this is today. Instead I’m going to sit here and enjoy the sunset and think about the evening in front of me. There is a lot to consider and even more that is in play at this very moment.

Whether the world gives me the battle of a lifetime or a reason to cry will not matter. Instead, I will try to find a way to a positive through the course of any negative. Many people need help understanding this. They see a negative as purely a negative. Some of them can’t even look for a positive. I am asking you to take a moment and look for the positives in your life and the world; both are there. Take a moment and breathe deep and be thankful for the breath. Take a moment, close your eyes, and think of the spectacular world around you. It’s there.

After you see the negatives for what they are, there are doorways to change. Every opposite we face opens the door of potential change and making the world a little bit better. I know that thousands of you only know me for my words, but I believe in you and we can all find a positive hiding in that negative as we move towards the change that will make our life better.

So as the sun sets on another day, there is a tear as I fight to tear the moments apart. I will find my way through the tears and make it right, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and is that a tear in your eye..

Don’t bring me down…

The sun sets on another day…

I expected a fun sunset and instead got last minute clouds. It is interesting how a few miles on the coast can make such a big difference, but that’s ok, I loved the sunset time anyway.

Somewhere in my mind I was listening to Electric Light Orchestra. There is a song they have call Don’t Bring Me Down that is very prophetic often. In our world there are many people who will try to bring you down. Instead of letting them drag you down to their level I suggest a different ploy. Don’t let them bring you down.

We are faced with so many conflicting ideas and crazy thoughts that we often believe it. On the other side there are people who continually find themselves exciting new ways of ensuring their own demise. Often those people reach out to others and try to drag them down to their level. On one hand I wish that those people would take a moment and realize what they were doing, on another hand I wish there was something that could be done to lift them up, and on yet another hand I hope that we never get lost in the mire and muck that these people create.

Today I hope that no one tries to drag you down to their level. Instead I hope people see you as the wonderful person you are and try to lift you up. Today I hope that no one tries to take away the positives you bring to the world and instead I hope that they find a way to point out your positives. Today I hope that you find a way to believe in yourself and stop looking for the negatives in the world and instead find the positives. After all life is too short to focus on the bad.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is a good day, you are a wonderful person, and I just might be ok as well. Let’s take a higher road and find a way to be the best we can be every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with passion, and enjoy a little silence…