29000 Sunsets

Yes, I write a lot! This is just one of the many spots I write. I have written several novels, they can be purchased or viewed here!

No, this is not a travel sales site, but perhaps it should be. Nor is it a site that professes that one religion is more credible than another (but maybe it should be there too). Instead this is a site that explores the personal rantings of a man fascinated by passion and how it can play a part in our everyday life.

It would be awesome if we could talk, and learn and you could start to see into my very cluttered and always active mind, but since we can’t, I invite you to take a moment and read some of the thoughts that roll through my mind.

Not interested? That’s OK! Not impressed? That’s OK too, but please, spend your time wisely as you may only have 29,000 sunsets, it is up to you to enjoy them.

 Purpose of the site:

  • To pass on a little sunshine before the sun sets
  • To pass on a smile when the frown is winning
  • To help people see the mirror inside themselves  that can be hard to see (Even for me)
  • To keep me writing each and every day. 

Lastly it is a goal for us all. If we know we should get at least 29,000 sunsets there is a finite goal in front of us, and as we pass beyond, perhaps we can realize that each day is a gift to us, and treat it even more specially.

Got a suggestion, feel free to send it in to nomatterwhat@29000sunsets.com