Time to listen….

As the sun sets on this long ago day I consider the bridges we build and destroy in life.

Sometimes we need to listen and build a bridge to ourselves to see truth. I have a close friend, Gary, that has been walking with me for the last several days “virtually” as I take pictures of the sunsets. He has acted as a sounding board and let me see a few things I needed to see. There may be a plan for us all, but it has to include love and passion each day. Gary is blessed to have a wonderful wife who completes him in every way. Each day she wakes and writes him a note, sets up things for his day and is there for him no matter what. He too, is there for her and he tries to inspire and excite his life every day. The words “No Matter What” echo in my mind as we speak, as he is hers forever, with no doubt, and she his. There is no greater truth I know than the truth of love, and the bridge true love builds that both feel unconditionally, cannot be destroyed. Pray for this type of love each day, and as you watch the sun set, know there is at least 1 couple out there that have it, live it and know it.

Smile and be happy, life is worth living each day.

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