The power of patience

The sun sets on another day…

In the midst of Black Friday shopping in Alabama I met two women in a line that seemed to last forever that embody how we should all see life. As we sat waiting for people to move along at their snails pace (Over 50 minutes) we talked about a few things and we all giggled and laughed. As we laughed I found that they were from Chicago and Colorado, and were here because they had become great friends. As such, they knew each other well and we laughed about everything from people to places and things. In the end, they were ready to have some fun, and I hope their friend “Brian” helps them have fun each and every day. The point of this? We could have been upset, angry, and irritating as we waited in the never-ending line of a poorly run store, but instead we had fun, enjoyed ourselves and laughed like crazy for almost an hour and in the end, made a good impression on each other.

I hope you all can be as patient as we were and enjoy the day, even when it seems overwhelming, irritating and a pain in the bottom. Be happy, love life, and enjoy another sunset!

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