Three days…

The sun sets on another day…

Three days until Christmas, three days. 

Contrary to popular belief I sometimes read and research my posts for the day, and today I read quite a bit about the three wise men who were sent to welcome Jesus to the world. What I found today is there are lots of different stories including those of the mysterious Magi. 

Several articles also noted the manger was probably one of the warmest and nicest places that you could give someone, which is not how it was presented, but OK.

Anyway, instead of going down that path, lets consider a few things that you should be thankful for with three days before Christmas. I will suggest a few:

  • Be thankful for your family, and even though it may seem like they are a pain sometime, they are the people you can count on (well usually)
  • Be thankful for the people you work with, they can support you (well usually) 
  • Be thankful for those you love, as they give you purpose
  • Be thankful for those who love you, they help to define your life

Mostly, be thankful for the life that runs through your veins. Take time, love every day,and every moment, and make the world a better place.

Tomorrow will be a new day, well, it should be a new day, make it better than the day before, until your life is everything it should be, and more.



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