A missing day….


The sun sets on another day…

Today’s picture is not the picture I took, it is a picture that past. The picture I took tonight was amazing, filled with color, and as the sun set the clouds created an amazing grid made of shades of pink and grey. Me, being human and with flaws, took over 100 photos, with no memory card in tonight’s camera. I was in such a hurry that I did not pay attention and had a setting wrong. I have learned.

This made me consider all of the things I have learned, and it revolves around trust. It is hard for me to trust sometimes even though I keep a positive outlook on life and try to share that outlook with everyone I meet. Tonight I learned an old lesson again as we all sometimes do. I will learn this lesson again someday and consider that some lessons are worth repeating. (like the word lesson)

So learn from this with me and keep trying, even though you may make a mistake again. Live life, live for life, love with all your heart, and believe in people, even though you may have been hurt before…it is worth it. (And check your camera’s settings before you hit the button)

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