The light….

The sun sets on another day…

…but today I can only think of the sunrise. (Yes, this picture is a sunrise!)

This morning as I drove to work it was dark, as it is nearly every day I drive to work. As I drove and rounded a bend the light slowly rose in the east, and as I continued to move forward, so too did the light. It lit the skies in reddish hues and clouds became projector screens as I continued my drive. As I drove into work the sky was amazing with fluffy red and white clouds all over the horizon and I took a moment and looked out upon it all, and smiled.

Sometimes as we feel darkness closes in on us we have to look for the light. Often it is difficult to see, this morning I was given a gift of an amazing sunrise as perhaps I have an amazing sunrise in life. It is not necessarily one that I made, but one that I was given. Perhaps you too need to consider that the darkness can be dispelled by the light, and as you drive through the darkness, remember there is a light waiting just around the corner, don’t stop, strive for it, and it will happen.

Sleep sweet, enjoy life, and look at the same star as someone special…

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