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The sun sets on another day…

Yesterday I had a short discussion on sunsets and sunrises. The core of the conversation surrounded the idea that sunsets were an end, and sunrises a beginning so wouldn’t it be more positive if this were 29,000 sunrises?

The answer is yes and no. (Of course it is)

If we want to stay positive all the time we can live in the essence of the day, and where light shines on us all the time and we know what is coming and can plan, change, and react with time to spare. Being negative, depressed or other not so happy feelings is a choice. A choice we make each and every day as we move forward into this thing called life. I would love to say I have all the answers, but each day I learn something new, each day I make a mistake, have a success, and much much more. When the sunrises, we are fresh, new, and without fear of the day. We know there are things to be done and moments to share but we do not know what these are yet, nor do we know how the day will go, if this were 29000 sunrises, we would talk about having a good day, no matter what, enjoying what is to come, no matter what, and living life to its fullest.

When I thought about the concept of 29000 sunsets it was for another reason. It was to appreciate each day as the day ends, and enjoy that wonderful slice of life that is displayed for us at the end of each day as we should appreciate both the good, and the bad, that we have received.

So as the sun seers today, as it does every day, consider what you have done today and live your night preparing for that new sunrise while enjoying the moments of the sunset.

Love life, appreciate what you have, but strive for the best so that tomorrow as the sun rises, you will be prepared for a better day and your sunset, will be amazing.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy every moment, no matter what…

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