The roots of the tree…

The sun sets on another day…

Today’s picture was not a sunset, but it was fun taking it and enjoying the walk at this location. Unfortunately the sunset was eaten by clouds at the last minutes, but I have received several in email today for those days in the future.

Having just seen “the Revenant” the consistent message was to loom at the trunk of the tree in the storm, and though it sways, the core is what lets you know it’s power. I agree, but feel that the roots take it even further. As you look at the tree, deep roots will allow survival while shallow roots will mean potential disaster.

So as the sun sets on another day think not only about making each day the best day of your life, but also about making your core the strongest it can be, so as we enjoy tomorrow as well. Remember who you are at your core, and have the honor, integrity and passion to lead others. trust that others will do the same, and when they don’t help them find the way (Or maybe find the door, oops, did I say that)

Smile, love life, live for each day, and wish upon a star as a promise that life will be good as long as you make it good!

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