Seriously passionate!

Photo by M. Reid

The sun sets on another day…

As our sunsets continue to move forward it is important we continue to see the positives in our lives. With each negative is a beautiful positive if we look for it. The terrible thing that may be happening now, may be a doorway into the future, or may not be as bad as we originally thought. There are of course some exceptions, there are people I have lost that I will mourn to the end of time, but I set that aside in favor of what I have learned or what I feel from the experience. I will not feel bad ever for stopping and helping someone stuck in the ditch and ripping my arm apart, because it was a good move to do so and an attempt to help someone.

The point of today is we should be seriously passionate about life, seriously passionate about helping people, seriously passionate about everything. Why go through a single day with the mundane existence that many people commit themselves to daily. If you are shoveling poop in a horse farm, whistle while you work. If you are doing laundry 24×7, enjoy the moments in between and dream of better tides (Soap joke). 

So, let’s make this relevant and more fun. Step out and live, hug the person next to you, get slapped, laugh about it, wave at the person when you are driving home, get honked at, laugh, enjoy life, enjoy EVERY moment and live life to its fullest. 

I am wishing on the same sunset as you are, even if you can’t see it, so smile with me to the moon and back….and the stars beyond….



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