The sun is wet….

The rain sets on the sun for another day…

I am reminded of the quote from the movie “The Crow”, “It can’t rain all the time”. It is true, and by that I am not necessarily talking about the constant flow of H20 from the skies right now, but instead the number of sad faces I have seen today. As I walked the streets downtown of a major city I was amazed by the number of people lost in their own little worlds with the visage of a person heading to the gas chamber. As they walked past I would acknowledge them, and they would smile for a moment, then be lost again. As the rain began to fall I wondered if they even noticed but hoped I made some small difference by even noticing them in their day to day. At one point I said hello to a man and he looked up, realized I was talking to him and smiled and started a short conversation, in my opinion happy that someone even noticed he existed. 

So as the sun sets on another day, pay attention to more than yourself and at least acknowledge the other people you pass, and perhaps, just perhaps, they will feel a little better about life. Who knows.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy every moment of every day, it is worth it…

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