The day we stop playing…

An amazing sun sets on another fun filled day…(and was hidden by clouds)

In the movie “The Twilight Zone” and the associated series there is an episode called kick the can that takes place in an old folks home. (Retirement community, whatever modern political correctness demands)In the movie older people have lost their will to play and another gentleman shows them how with exciting results. The quote that sticks in my mind from the movie is “The day we stop playing is the day we start getting old” and today I considered this and laughed with excitement as I watched a group of teens go over the top in the sunset. 

Today as we waited for a potential sunset and the clouds closed in we were joined by a group of young people who played in the 45 degree temperature and even colder water as though their very lives depended on it. No hold was given and as the Frisbee they threw ended up in the water several ran in after it and were unaffected by the chill that most people my age would cringe at.

No phones, Facebook or other silliness was distracting them, instead they were truly just having fun. I was refreshed by the sight and wondered why were all not doing similar. We should be.


So as the sun sets on another day, let’s remember who we are, who we need to be, and play along the way to ensure we are and will be the happiest we can be, and keep the days of being old at bay by always thinking young thoughts and being young at heart. Remember life is good as long as we are good.

Sleep sweet, play a little longer, and love life as if your life depends on it, because maybe it does…

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