The wind song

The suns sets on another day…

Today the wind blows wild. If you sit and listen to the wind you will hear its song as it passes through the trees and of course the occasional wind chime. Hopefully you will smile as you hear the battle between the power of the wind and the strength of the tree, the gentle crack of a limb as it stretches and contracts. Close your eyes and feel the breeze wash over you, and as it does, feel the gentle power, and not so gentle power it controls. Then feel the sun warm you and help you feel as though the world were new. The chimes will ground you always as they are man’s gift to the wind.

Sounds fun huh?

Perhaps sometimes we need to think of the trials of life as fast blowing wind. The strength of them blowing to you, but the safety you can feel if you just listen and pay attention. There really is not anything we cannot weather if we have friends and pay attention.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the wind and the power it holds in your life, and let it pass by you, knowing your friends have deep roots like the trees of the forest. (sentimental today)

Sleep sweet, love life, and listening to the chimes…

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