Come with me, and you’ll see…

The sun sets on another day…

There is a place where there are more colors than even in the twilight or a sunset. It is colorful and full of life and everything you ever wanted, it of course is your imagination. It is hard to believe that our minds are capable of such powerful images that they can influence the real world, with love, faith, fear, terror and so much more. Imagination leads us forward and allows for new discovery, and imagination can guide us to new heights, or new depths. The poetry that inspires, the songs that invoke, and even this simple writing are all products of imagination. 

Somewhere in the depths of us all, imagination can give us hope for more, or hope for the life we want, have, or will someday aspire to day by day. We have in our imagination the ability to be more than we are, and to make ourselves into the people we should be. The power of passion, the color of night, the feeling of euphoria that sweeps over us when we see beyond, it is all part of this wonderful gift.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, smile, find something simple and make it into a masterpiece, whether it be your life, or a few scraps of cloth, or even an idea that needs to be free. Let loose your imagination, and find a way.

Two things for you all…first, if you want to see imagination

For days without end, or at least 123 of them a picture has graced us here.

…and we can never forget this.

Sleep sweet, dream a little dream, and find your way to make it real…

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