Catch the wave…

The sun sets on another day and the waves crash over the edge of the structures of life.

The sun goes up and down each day, and the moon does so as well, but in reality we circle the sun, and the moon circles us,. causing wave after wave as the tides go up and down.

The idea that something so far away can have such an effect on us is challenging, and I wondered about it a lot. When talking to someone it seems we have many people in our lives that treat us the same way, their presence has made us different forever, and in the process we find that our lives are filled with waves even though they are far away. (Of course the close ones can whap you in the head and affect you as well, so it all fits) Sometimes the waves steer us towards happiness, sometimes towards rocks, but when we see the waves, we can help steer, and though we cannot control the waves, we can control the outcome.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider how people have created waves in your life, and ride those waves towards happiness and away from the rocks.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it! Really live it!

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