Words to live by…

The sun sets on another day…

The cool breeze blew across the lake bringing with it the pungent aromas of a dozen memories, and in the process, both uplifting and chilling my soul with their embrace.

I was looking through a lot of old posts and came across a list of words to live by in my text files. Among them was “You are what you do. Not what you say.” and it called to me for today.

We hear a lot of statements about how we should be and never are they more evident than during election times. As we look at people and what they are talking about we also need to look closely at what they have done, not just what they say they have done, but truly what they have achieved that is truly verifiable, and not in contention. (Because people always agree on what is real and what is not, right? (lol) We should expect our lives to be remembered as well by what we have done, not just what we have said we have done, and by something that we feel good about. (After all, we all know about the Nobel prive, but do we really all know where the money came from?)

So as you are considering people, consider what they have done as much or more than their words, and don’t get lost in the rhetoric. By that same token, be certain you are paying attention to what you are saying, and delivering what you say if possible, and if not, communicating such.

So as the sun sets on another day, say what you mean to do, and do what you said, and sometimes, just do something great without saying, that too will be remembered.

Sleep sweet, love what you do, and do it…

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