The fires of passion?

The sun sets on another day…

As we gaze at the sun we can easily see we will be blind from gazing at the sun, well, er, we can easily see the sun burns with massive awe inspiring fire. Many scientists see this s the ultimate expression of pure fusion power, the power of the sun. 

I consider the power of passion to be even more impressive. Passion gives us who we are, or are not; what we can do, or cannot do; and defines us each and every day on so many levels. People with excessive passion find ways to solve problems or express themselves even when others walk if not run away. People with passion in general find a way, even if it was no a way before. They talk to people just because, they make lemonade out of lemons and so much more. Now there are no absolutes. Certainly some people without passion go far, and people with do not, but boy, the world is a great place because of passion.

So, a the sun sets on another day, be passionate, and enjoy every moment of your life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, eat some sweets at the Lakeside Emporium at their LEAP event on 6-18-2016, and smile, each and every day…

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