Your guiding light…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets it lights a path for us to follow, so too as the sun rises, we are given a path, either directly or indirectly by the light. Mariners would follow the sun and know its course was always true, so how can we know our course is true and what light do we follow?

I started down this path 30 minutes ago and had launched into a treatise on everything from religion to not following that ego-maniacal zealot that enslaves your mind and asks you to shun your friends and lie to the people you love. Ick. I decided that I would not want to read all of that crap, and decided for you that you would not either.

So instead there are people in the world who really love you, and that is where you should look for a light. Those people that will stand beside you in spite of circumstance and will be there no matter what. There is a reason I focus on that phrase. If someone says it, they should mean it, no matter what. Not to be covered with deceit or lies of any type, and instead purely as it is said, no matter what

So as the sun sets on another day, hold on to those people you can believe in, the ones who lift you higher and hold you up each and every day. Hold on to the ones who make your life better even when they struggle, and hold close those people who make your days more fulfilled. Then set aside the people you cannot trust, are not nice people and who take suckers from little kids. (Bad bad people). Let the good people in your life be your guiding light, and be theirs in return, no matter what.

I believe.

Sleep sweet, love life, and reach for the stars and beyond…


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