Do you have time?


The sun sets on another day…

So it has before, a million million times and more the sun has set and a million million more to come. How can we comprehend or know what time is when we are but a moment in time, perhaps less than a moment? or are we?

We consider our moments often, people stress about life almost more than money, but do we consider the moments that are amazing to us, those that will be remembered? We worry about the bill that needs to be paid, and lose sight of the child we made smile; we worry about the time we have to watch TV, and lose sight of the moments with our loved ones; we worry about so much, and maybe there isn’t a reason to worry.

Once upon a time we were happy with our moments, then we grew up and learned that we were not, or at least taught we should not be. I am asking, perhaps telling everyone who is reading that we need to take our moments back and enjoy them as if they were our last, not because I said so, but because it is the right thing to do. We need to live life so fully, that when we finally fight our last windmill we can easily say “I had fun, I made a difference to me, and made a difference to others.” If we can do that, perhaps as a thousand thousand sunsets pass, we may still have made a positive impact on life, and even on our world.

So as the sun sets on another day, simply sit back, relax for a moment, and then grab on and make a difference to yourself and everyone around you, make sure the world knows that you live life and don’t just exist, grab on, play an instrument, take a picture of your dog diving for a Frisbee, build a craft out of a Darth Vader toy that makes someone smile, but make every day THAT day, no matter what…

Sleep sweet, love life with every ounce of who you are, and make this life the best life anyone has ever had….

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