The sun sets on another day…

Last night there was no way to take a picture of what twilight brought upon us, but I will try to describe it:

As night fell and we saw colors fade across the sky the clouds slowly congealed into tendrils, reaching out as if to grasp whatever light was left and pull it across the skies until only darkness remained. As the tendrils reach there were flutters of red and orange as the light fought for every moment it could remain until, in a moment or less, suddenly the darkness won, and the tendrils reached out for more, that was no longer there.

Well, that is how I saw it but I am sure others just thought it was a bunch of pretty long clouds rolling across the night sky. The whole thing reminded me of a song from the Alan Parsons Album, “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”, “To one in paradise”, I am not sure why but the scene, in spite of the semi foreboding approach, was very tranquil and full of peace, and as I watched it unfold, I felt good and afterwards had amazing dreams about a future book with the characters I developed in “Vengeful Son”. All that remains is to spew forth all the words onto paper, and edit more effectively this time, and maybe the dream will be given life.

My hope for everyone is you can pay attention for a few minutes, look at the sunrise, sunset or something that inspires you, and in the process bring a dream to life as I try each and every day. Dream a little dream, and make it a reality.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets find a way to grab onto peace, hold on, and make life better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live every moment as though it was the best thing in the world, because truly, it is!

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