The sun sets on another day…

You know, heroes come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and sometimes they are not obvious. Take for example the young woman that was just running past me as I took a picture of the sunset. Each day I see her run past and she is diligent in acknowledging everyone that she meets. She is not lost in the running, but lost in the people she meets along the way. Imagine my surprise as I spoke to her that she and her husband sponsor free movies for a large group in the city, without question or pause she moved on, not looking for praise, but wanting to do something for everyone.

Whether you smile at someone who needs it, pass on a few dollars, spend a little time with someone, laugh at a bad joke, or save the world, you may still be someones hero. I have a lot of heroes and hope that someday I can be worthy of being someones hero. 

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your actions more than your words, and make the world a better place by being a hero, if only for a moment.

Sleep sweet, love life, and change the world by being a hero, no matter what…

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