Turning back time…

The sun sets on another day…

It is hard to believe that only a month ago the sunset was over 30 minutes later. Each day a little more daylight is stolen away by the ever impending advance of the seasons. Each day I am thankful for the day, but realize that it is a gift, not to be squandered and always to be cherished. There is so much to accomplish we cannot begin to cover it all, but we must all try, and try to ensure our days are the best they can be, even if we face adversity and especially when we face success and prosperity.

So as the sun sets on this day, another in a series of near limitless days in the existence of the world, and another in our plentiful bounty of days we must cherish lets take a moment and squeeze the life out of each day, make it ours, and love it within the depths of our ability, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, rest well, tomorrow is another day and we all will live it well….

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