No instruction book….

The sun sets on another day…

Once again we move forward and as we do we can consider our path in life, and how we face just about everything. The suns vibrant colors awaken our senses to the glory of the day and herald the entry into another night, a night of peace where we can feel the worries slip away to be replaced by hope.

It would be a lot easier if we had an instruction book. There are many people who choose their instruction books for life. Some choose well, some do not choose as well. Some try to make their books fit the situation only to realize they misinterpreted, or did not consider the best path. It would be nice if there was a nice book that said, “This happened so do that” and allowed us a way to see true and easy solutions, like making an IKEA cabinet every life would be the same, as every sunset could be the same. It is our interpretation that gives us a path towards individuality and that opens unique spirituality for us all. Some may agree, some disagree, but following a cookie cutter existence is more that likely not a very fulfilling existence, following a good series of guidelines makes more sense. Believe it or not, the best books to read give you clear and concise guidelines but leave the choice up to you. Things like “Thou shalt not kill” may seem like common sense, but who knows.

Anyway, if a man must travel many paths in life I can only hope he finds a way he can be a good man (as in mankind, this can be woman too) and as each road is traveled finds a way to be whole and fulfilled. It is true, there is no “this covers it all” instruction book, so live life as a good person, and enjoy the sunset it is worth it.

I thought about this all day for some weird reason and finally as the sun set took a good picture, and realized once again, “Hey, life is pretty good.” and enjoyed the moment.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the sunset, and find your way to peace and happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love, and love a little more, it means something…

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