Everything’s gonna be alright…

The sun has already set, and I add once more…

Today I spent some time with a lot of people who just care. It was interesting as there are so many in the world that just plain worry all the time. At the end of my fun filled day as I was leaving we met with one of the people who had attended my presentation and I noticed her necklace. It was a nice pendant and I am always curious about the things people have written on their pendants (As it is always variable, and usually interesting).

I found the pendant contained the Bob Marley creed, Everything’s gonna be alright. It inspired me and reminded me of so much. A literal flood of memories later I went home, wrote a short post, and considered how to approach this phrase once more. Some time ago I started writing about EGBAR (Everything’s gonna be all right) here.┬áIt was a good start, but it really has not said all that needs to be said. I know that after this there again will be so much more as well.

So consider, there is never really a reason to be down or worry, there is always a way for everything to be alright. I know Bob makes it easy, three birds and then just believing but maybe it truly is that easy. If you believe it will not be alright, we have seen that it finds a way not to be, so if we believe it will isn’t it probable we can find a way to make it alright? Maybe the easy method is to consider that we should not worry about the small things and instead should focus on the best we can do, and true to form, everything will be alright. When the storm is crashing down, everything’s gonna be alright. When life has got you down, everything’s gonna be alright. When times are blue, everything’s gonna be alright. When life is true, everything’s gonna be alright. So weather the storm, and just enjoy!

No matter how it is, the song is good, and will take us to a least a happy place, and you can listen here.

So as the sun has already set, listen to the music, enjoy the moment, and remember, everything’s gonna be alright…no matter what.

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