Wave after wave…

The sun sets on another day…

I was watching today. People came and went, and they paid attention to themselves, and did what they needed to do. So I watched. After a while it seemed like there was a pattern, people would come and see more people, slow down for a moment, wait, then the area would thin out, while another wave replaced it.IT is always eye opening watching people and how they react in crowd, to crowds and when they become a part of crowds.

After a while I started talking to people in the office, and it caused a modification, we had some laughs, but I found that some gravitated towards the laughs, and some shied away. More wanted to be a part in my opinion, but some just wanted to go on, finish their business, and move to the next task.

It is my opinion we are better together being happy, than apart not feeling and I strongly feel we should hold on, laugh, love, and be a part of something special. Why? Because it helps us understand ourselves when we understand each other, and understanding is a big step towards being happy.

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