So far so good…

The sun sets on another day…

Its funny how we see the sunset, setting in the west and being a beacon for the best light show on the face of the planet, playing here, wherever you are, once per day, no matter what.

This week I had the pleasure of watching a remake of the classic “Magnificent Seven”. I have to say I was sad about it at first because the original story has been redone to death and it is rare to see something totally new come out in the theaters lately (Or it may be I have just seen too many movies). At the same time I was excited because there were  a lot of good names, and a lot of good possibilities.

Having seen just about every version of this film I have high expectations. From the 1950s Seven Samurai to the 1960 version, to the Hawaii based Seven (Not Brad Pitt) to the modern series and return and batch after batch more I was well aware of the story line. It seemed to me the most fun would be in the quips and characters. So, it had the opportunity for fun but it was an unknown, which is good.

Good news, it delivered. The joke I was reminded of was originally told by Steve McQueen and made me laugh and is the purpose of today’s post. (Yes, I finally got there after this long bit of rambling) As the joke is told it is comparing a no win situation and too often looking at the good side to “a man jumps off a 10 story building and people on every floor heard him as he fell just saying, “So far so good”.”

We seem to understand when things are good and bad every day, and if we know we are “falling” maybe, just maybe we need to take a different path before it is too late. We can say “oops” and move on then.  At the same time, when things seem at their worst, keeping a positive attitude may be the best solution and perhaps we need to consider saying those important words, “so far so good” and enjoying the ride in spite of the outcome. I had a friend that was undergoing a lot of procedures once, there was really no way it was going to be a super outcome but I was always amazed at how positive he was and I can imagine him even now looking over with a smile and simply saying, “so far so good” in spite of it all. 

So as the sun sets on another day, lets consider the direction we are going and make the best of it, no matter how we see it going, and when someone asks us how our day is going, whether it is good or bad maybe we just need to say “so far so good” and smile the night away.

Sleep sweet, love, and reach for the moon and the stars beyond, no matter what…

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