Molten fire…

The sun sets on another day…

Whether the sun is rising, setting, or out of site it is a ball of molten fire with seemingly limitless power, willing to burn all that come to it to a crisp. Heat, light, and a complete spectrum of radiations come to us as we are guarded only by a thin belt of electromagnetic belts. Most people are unaware and only know of these belts for making the pretty lights known as the aurora borealis or the aurora australis. We are protected from the fury of molten fire by the unnoticed.

Funny huh?

Today I considered two things because of yesterday.

1) Anger is something you should control. If you can’t, learn to control it. To not do so is to tempt a fate you may not want to imagine.¬†

Yesterday I was stopping by a business and walked in to this business to see a large man berating a young girl behind the counter. She was trying so hard to be patient as he hurled item after item at her, finally threatening her with physical violence if he did not get what he wanted. All the while I sat to the side and waited. She cautiously looked at me several times and said “I will be with you in a moment” as fiery indignation was hurled at her over and over, first for a refund, then for a direct line to the owners of the corporation or at least someone who would listen to him. She finally told him that if he came in and was violent that he would be arrested as they had to call the police. Seeing he was getting nowhere he screamed a last time, then as he walked out looked at me leaning against the door and grumbled I should not do business with them.

This whole line was not only uncalled for, but why in the world would anyone be so torn up over a few dollars for being late. He was late for his payment, he knew the penalty, and was arguing to get out of it at the risk of his freedom. (At the very least) I am always amazed at how many people can justify their tempers with everything from “I was right” to “Deal with it” to “this is just the way I am”. If it is the way you are, change it. You risk so much anytime you let go, trust me, I am aware from both sides.

2) Sometimes you have to be there for someone, even if you expect nothing in return. Be that unnoticed shield.

As all this was going on the girl handled it well and pleaded with her eyes for me not to get involved, so I patiently waited, and when another worker came up simply said, “I will wait for her.” When she was done and the man left in a steaming ball of molten anger I went to the counter, told her to take a deep breath, and as she started crying just told her sometimes people can’t see beyond themselves, and not to let it bother her. She said she was so scared because his girlfriend and he had threatened her personally¬†and I looked at her and said, “That’s why I stayed.” She sniffled for a moment and stopped crying, took care of my silly problem finding my storage shed, and said thank you. She did not need to know that is why I stayed, nor did he, but I was watching to make sure she was not hurt even though I did not know her, and did not have to do it. Sometimes it is better that way. It is hard to say if he did not get physical because I was there, or if he just calmed down enough to access some modicum of intelligence, but the end result was she was safe, at least for that moment.

We all need to take note occasionally and stop with the “none of my business” attitude. Sometimes it is important to be kind, say a patient word, or make something better just by being there. I would never say put yourself in danger or any such nonsense, but perhaps if we took a minute and actually listened or stopped for a moment it would stop bad things from happening as often. It is even possible if we actually paid good attention to each other that we might actually feel good about life and realize we are all in this together. Well, maybe.

So as the sun sets on another day, if you have a temper that you cannot easily control, consider barber college (Bad Road House joke) or at least try to get it under control. If you see a wrong, consider listening to what you can do to make it right, in the end it is worth it. (Well, in my opinion at least)

Sleep sweet, sleep calm, and love to the moon and back….

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