The sun sets on another day…

Albert Einstein once wrote “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”. When you look at the depth of a man, is it better to see what you can touch, or be able to know what you cannot touch? I sometimes sit and think, I am told far too much. I am also told I read far too much into things than they really are, like watching a stone for hours only to be told it is just a stone. Then again, as I watch that stone for hours I feel sometimes I see more, the pores in its edges, the feel, the scent, the essence of the stone, so was it is waste of time or did I see something more than what was there or was it just rock and roll to me.

In talking to people it appears sometimes they just put too much thought into things that don’t require too much thought., (Sounds goofy I know) Think about it (or don’t) there are tons of things we need to consider daily, and some others just don’t matter. So who is crazy? The person who overthinks, or the person that overacts or the person that does nothing? I am a big imagination person, I like fun and passion and ideas and am not so worried about the tangible as I am the intangible. How do you think about yourself?

A fun thought, and perhaps too much thinking. 

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