The cloak…

The sun sets on another day….

Today I watched the sun rise high, dispel mounds of fog, and move across the sky in a massive arc until it was swallowed by the clouds and set in near darkness, covered by a cloak of mist and clouds, hidden from out sight. It was there, but unseen as it slipped from sight and still it opened the door to an amazing night.

Sometimes what seems like darkness hides the light. We have to see beyond what is obvious, and find our way to something special. Perhaps as people we need to look beyond what we see or perceive and consider the possibilities that are underneath. There is truth in everything and often it takes peeling away the clouds to find the truth. This is true of ourselves as well, but we need to peel away our own fog and see what is true in us to understand how we can be better with others.

I had a conversation recently with a person who did not know themselves, and I have hope that they can peel back the layers and find the positives and negatives and in the process make their lives better. It sometimes take a terrible toll to find a way to a positive life, but it is worth it.

So as the sun set son another day, enjoy the eve, and enjoy the days, the nights, and of course the sunsets, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it, each and every day!

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