Flowers to the Sun

The sun sets on another day…

It is always interesting when someone personifies an inanimate object, well, it is usually interesting I should say. This morning while I listened to a talk radio show and watched the sun rise over a desolate area in the highway I was amused to hear a host talk about campaign supporters as groups that follow like the flowers do the sun. The reason this amused me is perhaps I have high hopes for people, their lives, their passions and their pure intellect. As the host explained his statement though, I found myself seeing some of his point, though I have more faith in people. (Yes, that has cost me a few pains from being too trusting.)

What I think he missed is we do not have 2 or 5 or 10 suns, we have 1, and it is the most prominent thing in the sky, and to follow the sun is to follow life itself, so though I see the point, I think following the sun like a flower is not so bad if you know the way to be the only way to life. 

(wow, there are about a hundred ways to read that)

Anyway, after watching an amazing sunrise and an amazing sunset today all I can say is it is not so bad to follow your passion, follow those things that are important in life, and make a difference by showing others the direction of the sun. Hmm, good idea, at least in theory.

So, as the sun sets on this amazing night, and the puffy clouds are lit by scarlet hues ever deepening as the sun sets, lets consider following happiness, and finding our way to be happy, each and every day.

Sleep sweet, smile, and enjoy the evening!


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