Halloween and the thrill of fear…

The sun sets on another day…

It is Halloween once more. Last year I simply wished for us to be thankful for our children. This year, perhaps is a little different.

As we watch the sun set, there are colors changing ever so slightly, a shimmer appears and disappears as the sun passes behind it, and we are usually a little apprehensive or at least excited as the sun passes forward quickly, and suddenly is gone.

Today we celebrate Halloween. Once a celebration of the hearth, and often a journey into fear, or is it? Someone special gave me a book some time ago called The Thrill of Fear, and this week I have seen several special that reaffirm the idea that we are excited by fear, and that emotion can make us motivated in so many ways. Sometimes it is motivation to fight, sometimes to learn, sometimes to run like heckie derns, but always there is an emotion and emotion is the center of passion, right?

Perhaps we need to consider on days like today when children are running for candy as we did so many years ago, that there is a certain need for fear, or at least motivation to see passion in a new way.

No matter what, enjoy this eve of fun, and enjoy the moments tomorrow as we all start a new month.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy life, even if it is a little scary, and make the best of each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, don’t be afraid, and love life, each and every day…

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