The sun sets on another day…

The myriad of colors that assail our senses are broken only by the darkness of the night. All that exists still exists, and though we cannot see, it is still as broken as before the eve.

Oh yuck, that sounds so dark and depressing doesn’t it? It is always eye opening when we realize something is broken, it is even more eye opening when that something is us. If not, it should be. There are so many days that do not necessarily go the way they should. So may situations that are so complex they crumble at the touch, and so many tender lives that suffer in the balance. 

Yuck, this isn’t going much better. 

Yes, that is all true. In my experience the trick is to accept. Yes, there are a lot of writings that say the same, but sometimes people have a hard time accepting the unacceptable. Case in point our recent election was a no win for us all, because neither side would have accepted the outcome, and nether side will, or maybe I am wrong and in the process of it all we will learn acceptance? (that makes me laugh) 

Perhaps the sign of maturity for us all is to accept the unacceptable, and heal from the broken state we experience. Show me someone not broken and I am sure they have experienced nothing. How we handle “our breakage” is a testament to our very soul. More importantly. the only person who can help you heal from it is yourself. People may try with advice and words of courage and wisdom, you may talk to psychologists and counselors, but the process begins with knowing and understanding that you want to heal or accept whatever situation you are in.

I knew a person who was what I considered to be honorable yet in pain. I listened and learned and as I did I tried to help. Many told me they were broken and dishonorable and in my discussions with them I found they were, very broken. I trusted them though and in the process gave something of myself. The things I learned were heinous, and I accepted those things because I was compelled to help.  I found there was no honor (or very little) in this person and suddenly discovered my words were used against me. As usual I found that once a lie begins it gains a life of its own and it caused me some frustration. The situation was bad but two things happened. I found I could not help that person and I found that I had to accept the unacceptable, and grow and move forward. Even as bad as it was, I would do it all over again to try to help.

On a positive note I found a person (Yes, I find a lot of “people” in my life) who had faced impossible odds and impossible toils. Each potential positive in life had been beaten down by negative after negative, and still they found a way to rise above each day. No matter how much their life seems broken, they found a way to rise above, be more, and even help others. I am truly proud of them always.

I considered adding this post to the dozens of semi negative posts but it has a happy ending, the happy ending is we can always rise above. We can realize we are responsible for our actions and make those actions as positive as possible, we can realize our life is a gift and the time we have a greater gift, we can be a part of something amazing and if it isn’t amazing, make it amazing, and we can truly accept whatever comes our way and make the world a better place out of our acceptance.

So as the sun sets on another day I can truly quote the song and say “Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes” and I hope you will too, be alive and be thankful for the gift of life, and in the process accept the negatives you have faced and turn them into positives and in the process, maybe, just maybe, make the world a better place.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love to the moon and back, no matter what…


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