Cold oxymoron…

The sun set son another day…

The darkness closes in, the cold abounds, snow is coming as well and the sun is lost in the depths of it all.

As winter sets in there are many people who think of the cold as an enemy, as the thief of both light and warmth in their lives. There are statistics that tell us all that how many more people are depressed in the winter, and how sad they become in the process.

No fair.

(Well, it isn’t)

I strongly suggest that we all lift up for a moment and look out to the world we are in, and embrace the cold as part of the cycle of life. Without cold how can we know how good we have it when we are warm? Even more, in the cold there are so many possibilities, and enjoying those is as much fun as enjoying the summer months. There is also that warm cup of cocoa, the feel or warmth you share in the winter and a dozen dozen benefits to the fun that can be had as the winter passes us by.

So as the sun sets on another day, don’t set aside the cold, run away from it, avoid it or talk it down. Instead realize that cold can be the warmest time of year, and the happiest if we just let it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and stay warm!


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