It’s not how much we give…

…but how much love we put into giving. Or so a video I watched today said.

The sun sets on another day and when it is out, gives us warmth and light and makes us a bit happy. (Personification here) It does not ask for anything, it just does.

How many people can say the same. Giving with no expectation of anything in return is the only way to really give. I have seen two sides of the coin here, one good, and one bad. I no longer give money because of the bad, but always try to help because of the good.

On the bad side I once was walking into a Quizno’s and a man was asking for food at the front door, he pleaded at how hungry he was so when we went inside I got a full sandwich and drink for him, took it outside and handed it to him, and he scowled and said he wanted money for drink, and threw the food away and walked off. I was frustrated and angry, but glad I had not just given him cash.

On the other hand, I was in PA once, and while there a woman was cold and asking for food. We were a few doors down at a pizza place, and as we left I consolidated all the leftovers into a large box, and walked and gave them to her. She started crying and said it would help her and her friends and she was super happy. She hugged a few of us as we walked away.

So as the sun sets on another day, my point is, there are good and bad, but don’t assume everyone is bad, and instead lets try to help others the best we can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, have a happy heart, and love the day, every day…

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