Another door…

The sun sets on another day…

There is a lot going on on life each and every day. Good, bad, and shads of in between. We usually focus on different parts of our experiences based on who we are. The “three bear theory” abounds as we have things that are too bad, too good, or just right.  People rarely look at them as all three. Instead we have the people who focus on the bad, and it is always bad, if they won a million dollars they would complain about the taxes. Then we have the too goods. These people are on places like Facebook and at dinner parties and their world may be on fire, but as far as you know, they were the ones who just won the lottery.

I prefer the just right, remembering as doors close, so then do doors open. Life is as we experience it and is only good or bad based on our interpretation of life, and not on actual life itself. a just right person walks through the door, then deals with the good and the bad and moves on to the next door if necessary. These are the people we should try to be, the ones who enjoy life every day and can make the best of the worst but know it is not good and don’t overplay their hands. Instead as a just right person, maybe we can look at reality and let reality look at us in a positive manner, then find a way to enjoy our lives, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s be just right. Life is about living it and enjoying the hand you are dealt, loving the people you can, and living for life each and every day, no matter what. By the way, if you win the lottery, jump for joy, and laugh every moment!

Sleep sweet, love life, and carpe diem!



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