Following up on love….

The sun sets on another day…

I wanted to take a few moments and relate my feelings on yesterday’s post by my daughter Rachel. I am very proud of my daughter each and every day as she continues to explore exciting concepts I find she is as passionate about life as I am, well almost.

When it comes to the love between two people the rules are very different than the love between families and the love between friends. For example, there is nothing I would not do for my daughter and I would gladly sacrifice all that I am for her. At the same time should it be any different for anything called love? Shouldn’t the love between two people be exactly the same? Shouldn’t we be willing to sacrifice anything for someone special in our life and Trust that they would sacrifice the same for us? I would like to think so simply because that would mean the world is an amazing place. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter what, you would be supported? No matter what the things that were felt and promised would be there always? No matter what you would always feel love and excitement in life?

I am certainly no expert either, even though I have had many many more relationships than my daughter. I am told that I live more moments in the “dating phase” of a relationship and extend that and expect that throughout a relationship. To explain that further I am constantly trying to make each day full of passion, excitement, thrills, chills, and to create the most amazing day that day can be. It seems many others don’t necessarily share that viewpoint.

Others have told me that relationships can be very mellow and then those relationships are equally as successful because the two people are in sync with each other.

Still others have told me that a relationship is filled with ups and downs and that those are the norm and make the relationship complete.


Perhaps they are all right. Perhaps the trick is finding someone so in tune with you that your needs become their goals and their needs become you goals making both of you complete. Perhaps the solution is finding someone so passionate about life or so mellow about life or so willing to ride the roller coaster that it is always going to be the adventure that you both wanted to be.

I have written over and over for the past five hundred plus days that each of us are unique just as each Sunset is unique. Perhaps for each of us our love is equally is unique and as we grow our love may become different as we learn how to adapt to our age, experience, and level of maturity. Perhaps the best thing to remember is if you are in a relationship you are there to make everything as wonderful as it could be each and every day. The day you forget that is the day that the relationship may not be a success. Perhaps we should all remember that a relationship is a vessel on on a spectacular journey that may never find a particular destination. Perhaps we should take a moment to consider that all relationships should communicate effectively between each other to succeed. If we talk, communicate (Don’t text to each other) with each other perhaps we can understand each others needs. Perhaps we must consistently make certain that we rise above and understand that if we don’t agree we still need to try to achieve decisions together and find our way.


I can say for certain that relationships can sometimes be a difficult path. I can say for certain that relationships will sometimes take us to new levels. I can say for certain that sometimes relationship will be filled with passion, excitement, and happiness.  Sometimes relationships will be filled with less than that. I can usually say  a relationship will take you to a new height and that a relationship may show you a way to a better life or at least.

So as the sun sets on another day take a moment and consider your relationship, or take a moment and consider where you want to be in a relationship eventually. As you do so remember that you must give of yourself and be given to by another to create something more than you are as individuals. In the process you can create a relationship “snowflake” that will be as unique as the people who are in it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy moment of passion that you can, and thank you Rachel for your post as well…

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