Just stop it…

The sun sets on another day…

It was a windy day today on Lake Michigan. Swells were massive, some washing over the edges of the lighthouse walk. The fantastic scene constantly was showing the power of the wind as the waves crashed against stone, ice, and steel and created a spectacle of light and waves.

Ever notice how the sun just keeps going? It doesn’t worry about rising or setting, it just does it. Mostly because it is a giant ball of plasma sitting in the sky, but hey.

We often worry so much about little things that we fail to see the wonderful gifts we have been given. We worry about what we think, others think, how much money we have, or don’t have, what to eat, what to watch, what to read, what to play, and a myriad of other its that will make you head spin.

Take 5 second and take a deep breath, don’t wait for your app to tell you, just do it. If you can, then you have something to be thankful for, and you should start there and work your way around. There are just so many things to consider  as wonderland, that pulling yourself down should never be an option. 

So as the sun sets on a beautiful day, look at the sky and be thankful for being able to see it, for the gifts you have, and for all the wonderful things that life brings, let go of the other stuff, and if you are worrying, well, just stop it.

Sleep sweet, smile consistently, and enjoy the day, it is pretty awesome!

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