Anger and explanation…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun is lucky in some ways, unlucky in others. It can burn hot with no emotion, burn wild without passion, flare up without anger, and simply exist without feeling. Lucky in some ways, unlucky in others.

Today as I walked into a gym a person was not in good control of their feelings. The problem with his anger was he was adamant he was right, but as I listened and learned, he was simply flat wrong. He was holding people responsible and making them uncomfortable for something that was not only outside of their power, but a matter of law. As I sat listening I paused and said the director of the gym was a nice guy and he should call in the morning, and kept quiet but did not leave. Moments later he left, slowly dealing with uncontrolled anger.

Anger and passion are tricky bedfellows. In my opinion the best way to have a great relationship is to skirt that line and realize that the passion is far more important, and never let the anger take hold. Instead be patient and come to terms with the fact that wasting time on anger is wasting time in your life, it rarely serves a purpose and when it does it is not always the best purpose. Patience and passion will win out nearly all the time if you just let them, take a moment, listen, learn, and then react in a way that works more effectively than losing control.

I have been angry. We were close friends once. Occasionally I see anger in the distance, brought forth by situations that seem out of control, but as I listen, I have found a way to walk away from the anger and found a patient passionate peace. I hope everyone reading can do the same. It takes practice, but the start is listening and knowing yourself.

So as the sun sets on another day, why not avoid anger and instead enjoy its close cousin passion all you can, every day. In doing so find find a way to happiness no matter what.

Sleep sweet, sleep peacefully, and push out the anger in your heart with a passion for life….

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