The sun sets on another day…

Today I watched an amazing sunrise as I drove to work. The crimson hues covered the land with light reflected off the icy surfaces making them seem warm, even though the cold embraced them. Later as I drove home I watched the sun set, trying to hold on to the day with light scattering across the ground now thawed with the relentless pounding of the day. As night fell I considered how every day could be thought of as a new beginning, a new start to another small chapter in our lives.

It is funny how often we look at as day as a simple progression, but consider how each day can be a chapter that will unfold with a life of its own. This week I was speaking to someone about how many television shows are now being written as virtual soap operas, and how that was more true to life. I countered that from an entertainment perspective each show should be a standalone with its own beginning middle and end and the “soap opera style” made you have to go back and watch the rest. It was a good conversation and we discussed how life was both.

There are those days that standalone as pivotal or non pivotal days in our life. Where we have a beginning, a middle and an end that is independent of every other day except you are the central character. It is more likely though we go from pivotal moment to pivotal moment, affected more by the moment than by the passing of the days, and as we go from moment to moment, perhaps we can leave one chapter and move to another.

As I consider this series of thoughts I have a model in my mind of people who have gone through life events and emerged from the other side stronger, and those that may have not been as successful, but still seem to close one chapter and move on to another, even if they still reference the first. The overarching theme is where the cutoff is, the move out of high school, on to college, jobs, dating, marriage, children, divorce, and a myriad of other happy and sad items. (Let’s hope fewer sad ones)

The model is as a day in the life of the sun, where it rises and sets and in the process goes from area to area affected by the weather and always moving forward. So to make this valid, we must make the key part of our model, the moving forward.

I know, I know, this is a long way to go to get to the inevitable “just keep swimming” but it is true. You cannot skip forward, nor can you live in yesterday, but instead you must go forward from pivotal moment to moment, living each day the best possible way you can. After all, the one thing we should all want to be is happy, and to get there we must keep moving forward, well, in my opinion.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets move forward each and every day, from day to day or pivot point to pivot point or no matter how it is measured and find a way to live life as happily as we can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love passion, and live for the day and then some…

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