Never tire…

The sun sets on another day…

A once popular song said what goes up, must come down, that spinning wheel has got to go round. So then does the sun, go up and go down while the world just keeps on spinning around and around and around, tirelessly.

Tirelessly. That in itself is something we don’t often consider. Do we work tirelessly, do we play tirelessly, or is it a combination of both? How can we be tireless in our pursuit of life, and happiness, and not consider each day that the world too must be tireless with us.

It is a tough concept, simply because being tireless is tiring. No matter how hard we try we must eventually succumb to sleep, or at least rest before we press on even harder. So how is it we should proceed? perhaps we should never tire except when we have to, and spend our waking hours in balance. finding that path between passion and power that gives us the ability to succeed. Perhaps we should be that person that sets the bar for all others, and tirelessly fights for the what is right. 

No matter what, we should never tire of life, and instead embrace whatever tomorrow brings, then overcome all obstacles, and make the world a better place, tirelessly. (Well it sounds good)

So as the sun sets on another day, find a way to balance your life. Find your passion, your ability, and push tirelessly towards the positives that can be there for us all. At least in the end you will know you have done all you could, and perhaps a little more.

Sleep sweet, love life, and never ever tire, instead find your way, tirelessly,  no matter what…


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