Burning matches…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun burns with an intensity that cannot easily be measured, and lights our path each and every day, no sulfur smell included.

I remember working on a stock crew and stocking shelves each and every night. The goal was 50 cases per hour, some did better, some did less than perfect. I was an overachiever and was constantly higher, and good with both blade and my hands, allowing me to stack quickly and efficiently. The one thing I always watched out for were matches.

In the good old days matches were “Strike Anywhere” and we had to be very careful. Why? Because too much movement on any side could cause them to ignite, and we would lose product. Now there would be no fire, only smoke, because the box was sealed to prevent it. If you screwed up, you saw the smoke, set the box aside, and hoped you could get credit or that not all of them went up. The trick is, you knew something was wrong, but did not know the extent of the damage.

In life we run into the same issue. Sometimes we see the smoke, but we don’t take the time to understand the impact until it is too late. Maybe when we see smoke, we should try to be nice, be positive, and turn things around. Maybe what we need to do is be the best we can be, and in the process, when we see smoke, find a way to put out the fire. Maybe we should take it a step further and be careful and kind before, and avoid the fire altogether? 

As we all progressed, that was how we did things. We avoided the fires by being careful, but paid attention always.

So as the sun sets on another day, be mindful of those special situations around you. Know they need your attention, be careful and avoid the fires so that everyone can be happy, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love cake, and eat some when you can… 

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