Never surrender…

The sun sets on another day…

The storm rolls in, eliminating the light and life in its path. There can be no quarter taken, nor given. The world seems to darken as the storm intensifies. Is hope lost? What do you do? What do we do?

We all face this in our lives at one point or another, and sometimes it seems to be an overwhelming mass of moments that overtake the very world, or at least the world we know. There are so many potential downers in life that sometimes we forget that we have the greatest gift that can ever be, a chance to turn it around as long as we live.

If we take it even further, how can we appreciate the days that we enjoy without having a few days that are less than palatable. How can we understand how good we can have it without understanding how bad it can be?

It is imperative that we do not surrender. It is paramount that we do not go quietly into the night. We have the ability to overcome any obstacle if we just believe in ourselves and believe it can get better. There is nothing than can take away who we are unless we give it that power, and we will not do so, we cannot do so, no matter what.

Today as the storms raged, and my poor puppy hid from the thunder suddenly the storm broke, and a group of baby geese bobbed in the water just below me. I watched as the played in the newfound light, and as I watched the storm faded away, and once again everything was just plain good.

So as the sun sets on another day, it can’t rain all the time. (Stolen quote from “the Crow”) So no matter the troubles, the people who make your life hard, those who lie, the bad day a work, the divorce, death, or other terrible event, remember the sun will come out, and there is a light that shines on us all, whether we can see it or not, and that light will help us be happy in the end if we only let it.

Sleep sweet, weather the storm, and enjoy every moment you can, and never ever surrender…


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